Brewing in Beats: New Dashboards for Auditbeat

Welcome to Brewing in Beats! With this weekly series, we're keeping you up to date with what's new in Beats, including the latest commits and releases.

New Auditbeat dashboards

With this PR, Auditbeat gets new configuration samples in the default configuration file and three new dashboards:

  • Overview - A general dashboard showing a summary of all events.
  • Executions - A dashboard showing process executions (execve and execveat) syscalls.
  • Sockets - A dashboard showing information related sockets and remote connectivity (e.g. bind, connect, accept, recvfrom).

These new dashboards will be present in Auditbeat 6.1


Windows services metricset

Thanks to our regular contributor @maddin2016, Metricbeat gets a new service metricset in the windows module that collects information about which services are running and data about each of them. Fields are things like “name”, “display_name”, “uptime”, “state”, “start_type”.

This new metricset is scheduled to be released in Metricbeat 6.1.

Other changes

Repository: elastic/beats

Affecting all Beats

Changes in master:

  • Fix folder for the 5.x version of the dashboards #5499
  • Remove hard-coded namespace from k8s config #5482

Changes in 6.0:

  • Log absolute values for gauges internal metrics #5505

Changes in 6.0:

  • Fix missing length check in PgSQL #5457

Changes in master:

  • Fix ML jobs setup for dynamic modules #5509
  • Race condition on harvester limit #5490

Changes in master:

  • Remove kubernetes manifests from packer #5485

Changes in 6.0:

  • Remove kubernetes manifests from packer #5485

Changes in master:

  • Updated Redis dashboard screenshot for 6.0 #5496
  • Add `` support to Kubernetes manifests #5487
  • Fix getting started #5326

Repository: elastic/kibana

Time series visualizations

Changes in master:

  • [TSVB] Fix weird merge problem with Table PR #14774
  • [TSVB] Series Filter #14696
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