Dive into the industry’s first Search AI Lake

Low-latency, AI-optimized architecture. Native vector database capabilities. All new on Elastic Cloud Serverless.
Elastic — The Search AI Company

Build search experiences, serverless style. Optimized for RAG and generative AI.

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Learn about Elastic's latest contribution to OpenTelemetry — Universal Profiling agent.

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10 ways LLMs can be abused by attackers, and how to defend against them

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The Elastic Search AI Platform

Get relevant results at unprecedented speed with open and flexible enterprise solutions. Accelerate business outcomes with the combination of powerful search and generative AI.

Generative AI

Explore AI search capabilities optimized for running RAG workloads with a fully integrated vector database.

Build powerful AI and machine learning enabled search applications for your customers and employees.

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Modernize SecOps with AI-driven security analytics to detect, investigate, and respond before threats have a chance.

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Accelerate problem resolution with open, flexible, and unified observability powered by advanced ML and analytics.

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Get the best of both worlds: cloud-native services and object storage — powered by the world’s most-used vector database and optimized for generative AI.

Learn about Search AI Lake

Accelerate time to value. Deploy with effortless scale, zero configuration, and enhanced control over spend with the power of Search AI Lake.

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