AI for SecOps

Accelerate the SOC with AI-driven security analytics, powered by the Elastic Search AI platform. Detect sooner, investigate faster, and respond before threats have a chance.

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Gain an unfair advantage

  • Triage a flood of alerts down to the attacks that matter most in just seconds

  • Boost productivity by augmenting analyst and admin expertise with generative AI

  • Unlock generative AI with knowledge surfaced by the Elastic Search AI platform

Automate Triage Steps with Attack Discovery

Prioritize attacks, not alerts

Elastic Attack Discovery assesses alerts holistically — rather than as a succession of one-off events — spotting threats and arming analysts to act decisively. All in one click, with context-aware generative AI.

Powered by Search AI

Unlock generative AI for your SOC

LLMs are only as helpful as what they know — and gathering confidential context requires search. The Search AI platform safely surfaces hyper-relevant knowledge, enabling public LLMs to perform as if custom-trained for private use cases.

  • Retrieval augmented generation

    Ground responses in proprietary data with retrieval augmented generation (RAG), which enriches user prompts with real-time organizational context. The outcome? Meaningful results — and no need to build and retrain a bespoke LLM on ever-changing internal data.

  • Real-time visibility

    The AI features of Elastic Security assess data representing the entire attack surface. This complete picture directly improves the accuracy of LLM responses, especially those concerning attacks spanning multiple technologies.

  • Engineered for security and privacy

    Elastic makes it easy to keep information safe. Organizations can anonymize or redact confidential data by default and as needed, with document-level control. This prevents analysts from accidentally relaying sensitive internal data.


Pick the best model for the job

The state of the art is evolving quickly for generative AI, so choose from the growing set of models and services integrated with Elastic's AI-driven security analytics. These options ensure your control over cost, speed, accuracy, and privacy — now and in the future.

  • Anthropic
  • Mistral AI
  • OpenAI
  • Amazon Bedrock
  • Azure OpenAI service


Accomplish more with Elastic Security

  • SIEM

    Resist advancing threats

    Optimize security operations with AI-driven security analytics, the future of SIEM.

  • Threat Research

    Fueled by Elastic Security Labs

    Apply novel research on threats, malware, and protections from our expert security researchers.

Frequently asked questions

How is Elastic uniquely suited to help security operations teams leverage AI?

Elastic is better positioned than most security companies to help security teams harness generative AI, due to:

  • The unique openness of Elastic gives LLMs access to an unrivaled corpus of both official and community-written information about our solution.
  • Elastic retrieves and surfaces uniquely relevant data to the LLM, enabling accurate and helpful answers to common SOC questions.
  • Elastic dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of data collection, storage, and analysis, facilitating smarter AI-driven security operations workflows.