Continuous Monitoring

Elastic Security for continuous monitoring

Fuse data from across your attack surface to eliminate blind spots, empower practitioners, and reduce risk. All with continuous monitoring across your on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure.

Custom visualizations and application data to perform of continuous monitoring with Elastic Security

Validated by security experts

Security teams around the world establish holistic visibility with continuous monitoring on Elastic Security.

  • Customer spotlight

    OLX cuts response times by 30% with the Elastic investigation UI.

  • Customer spotlight

    Postbank stops fraud and secures retail banking sites with Elastic.

  • Customer spotlight

    MISI boosts cyber resilience by achieving rich visibility with Elastic.

Why Elastic for continuous monitoring?

Collect and prepare data from near and far, retain it indefinitely, and analyze it on the fly.

  • Everything you know, all in one place

    Gather activity and context with turnkey data integrations. Peer into hosts with Elastic Agent. Seamlessly access infrastructure and application telemetry.

  • Scalable platform for agile teams

    Discover long-dwelling threats by leveraging years of efficiently retained records. Deftly analyze data distributed across clouds and geos, wherever it lives.

  • See your security data, your way

    Establish comprehensive operational awareness. Update an entire dashboard on the fly with a single filter. Quickly craft and share custom visualizations.

Eliminate blind spots and data silos

You can't stop what you can't see, so bring your data together in Elastic Security.

Cloud and application monitoring

Protect platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure from data theft, resource hijacking, and sabotage. Observe container security and health. Safeguard distributed workplaces by tracking IT and security applications from Azure AD to Zoom.

Cloud posture management findings and specific recommendations with Elastic Security for Cloud

Infrastructure and host monitoring

Monitor mission-critical environments in the cloud, data center, and beyond. Deepen visibility with kernel-level data collection from Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Consolidate alerts from endpoint security technologies and other third-party tools.

Hosts view in Elastic Security, for visualizing cloud and host infrastructure

Network activity monitoring

Monitor network data to establish broad environmental visibility, uncover suspicious activity, and inform investigations. Rapidly integrate commercial IT and security products — plus protocols like DNS, HTTP, NetFlow, TLS, and SMTP. See even deeper by capturing network packets with Elastic Agent.

Network view for security and compliance monitoring with Elastic

User activity monitoring

Safeguard your organization from theft and sabotage by monitoring user activity and context for signs of insider threats, compromised accounts, and privilege abuse. Focus on an individual user to see key attributes, observed activity, and associated anomalies and alerts.

User detail view, for monitoring user behavior with Elastic Security

Custom security monitoring

Visualize non-traditional data sources — APM traces, metrics, business analytics, and others — to glean novel insights. Track organizational security posture and team performance. Monitor and share top-level findings on bespoke dashboards.

Observability service map, for monitoring application data with Elastic

Meet your further security needs

You likely have additional security challenges. Tackle your next security use cases with Elastic.

  • Automated Threat Protection

    Thwart complex attacks. Block ransomware and malware on every system. Advance SecOps maturity to stop threats at scale.

  • Investigation and Incident Response

    Empower practitioners within and beyond the SOC. Accelerate SecOps to foil attacks and boost resilience.

  • Threat Hunting

    Initiate hunts with ML insights. Leverage petabytes of enriched data. Uncover threats you expected — and others you didn’t.

Do more with Elastic

Bring the speed, scale, relevance, and simplicity of Elastic to teams of all types.