Build operational excellence

Improve supply chain visibility, streamline customer experience, and create a more secure environment with Elastic.

Boost productivity and accelerate innovation

Data-led intelligence

Manufacturing and automotive companies use Elastic to gain complete visibility into factory floors, distribution channels, and customer expectations. At the same time, they can protect their assets, deliver high-quality finished products, and build trust in the ecosystem.

  • Derive actionable insights

    Collect, search, and analyze data across systems and devices: ERP applications, manufacturing execution systems, and sensors.

  • Predict outcomes with machine learning

    Use historical and real-time data for reliable ML models. Improve forecasting accuracy, detect anomalies, and close security gaps in critical business and manufacturing operations.

  • Enable intelligent automations

    Accelerate the convergence of information technology and operational technology systems. Drive intelligent automations at cloud scale using built-in ML capabilities.

Enable smart manufacturing

Bring all your data under a common hood. Automate monitoring, accelerate root cause analysis and optimize operations applying machine learning, for increased productivity, faster innovation, and a more trustworthy customer experience. Manufacturers and grid operators are implementing smart monitoring and predictive analytics with Elastic.


Deliver innovative experiences

Integrate data from product usage, market research, distribution channels, engineering, manufacturing, supplier, and more to deliver the next-generation experience to your customers. Wherever they are on their customer journey, continue to inspire and engage in a meaningful way. Inwatec is building the future of laundry robotics with Elastic.

Customer case studies

The Elastic Search Platform enables manufacturing companies to create best-in-class search capabilities, offer personalized experiences, and protect their users.

  • Customer spotlight

    Accelerating vehicle intelligence with Elastic

  • Customer spotlight

    Delivering production process visualization in a complex environment

  • Customer spotlight

    Using real-time metrics to track, analyze, and troubleshoot remote robots

  • Customer Spotlight

    Powering metrics analytics across farm machines and precision agriculture applications