Elastic Observability

Unified visibility across your entire ecosystem

Bring your logs, metrics, and APM traces together at scale in a single stack so you can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in your environment. And it's free and open.

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Learn about new capabilities for Kubernetes and Elastic spanning from operations to observability.

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Discover logging and observability with Elasticsearch Service. Spin up a deployment in minutes.

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Understand the pillars of observability and how to unify your logs, metrics, and APM data.

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Automatically surface causes of slowdowns with APM correlations. Plus support for OpenTelemetry traces and metrics, and autoscaling on Elastic Cloud.

Search across your observability data

The Elastic (ELK) Stack brings fast, reliable, and relevant search to all of your operational data so you can ask the questions you want — and get the answers you need — regardless of the type of data. Learn more about observability.



The Elastic Stack (sometimes known as the ELK Stack) is the most popular free and open logging platform.


Already using the Elastic Stack for logs? Add metrics in just a few steps and correlate metrics and logs in one place.


See exactly where your application is spending time so you can quickly fix issues and feel good about the code you push.


Measure SLAs and react quickly to availability issues across your apps and services before they affect users.

Seamless Observability Integration

See all of your data in one place

Unify your observability data in a powerful datastore so you can search and apply interactive analytics in real time. Surface outliers with machine learning and react to events happening anywhere in your environment with intuitive navigation between logs, metrics, and APM traces.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Analysis

Leverage your granular data for detailed analysis

Granular data is key to identifying and addressing issues. Keep it as long as it brings you value and perform an unlimited number of high-cardinality queries to slice and dice any metric by any dimension.

Drag-and-Drop Data Visualization

Bring a business analytics lens to DevOps

Add data and start visualizing in a snap. Simply drag and drop fields in Kibana Lens to create instant visualizations. Combine logs, metrics, and APM traces in a single chart — leveraging smart suggestions for the most impactful way to display your data. Drive business outcomes from operational data with no prior experience required. Learn more about Kibana Lens.

Elastic Security

While you observe, why not protect?

Your observability data isn’t single purpose. Instead of duplicating your data in multiple systems, remove the barrier between observability and security, and review your data from multiple perspectives on the same platform.

Over 50 turnkey detection rules help both your DevOps and SecOps teams gain valuable insight from the same data in minutes.

Pay only for the resources you use

Observability works best if you have a holistic picture. Don’t leave a log (or metric) behind. Cut ties with ingest- and agent-based pricing, and scale transparently. Learn more about Elastic pricing.


Unify Your Data

Observability built on the Elastic Stack

Another data source? No problem. It’s just another index in Elasticsearch. Aggregate, analyze, and act on all of your data from a single datastore.

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Hear from organizations who are using Elastic Observability to power mission-critical use cases.

Migrating to Elastic for application and operational logging — slicing ingestion costs by half

Providing their developers with a world-class logging solution via Elastic Cloud

Monitoring application infrastructure across a major financial institution

"Our switch to Elastic has helped reduce our per-terabyte cost by half, made life better for our developers, and provided them with observability capabilities for the microservices that they are building."

Engineering Manager for the Observability Team

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