Synthetic Monitoring

Proactively monitor the availability and functionality of user journeys

Monitor customer journeys and understand the impact of web/front end performance on user experience. Get complete visibility and catch problems into your website performance and availability from an external perspective before your customers do.

Learn how to define, simulate, and visualize the performance of your users' journeys with synthetic monitoring.

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Is your site up? Are visitors bouncing due to long load times? Find out how to monitor and optimize end-user experience with Elastic Observability.

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Test user journeys to deliver a great customer experience

Simulate the user experience across multi-step journeys like the checkout flow for an ecommerce store. Or monitor the transaction flow for an internal trading application. Capture a detailed breakdown of status info and errors along the journey and use the waterfall view to identify and fix problematic areas, creating exceptional digital experiences for your users.


Track availability of your services from external endpoints

Lightweight API checks enable globally scalable availability monitoring without breaking the bank. Running from private testing locations or from our hosted testing infrastructure (coming soon), it's never been easier to monitor HTTP, TCP and ICMP endpoints.


Trace mission-critical issues across your application environment

Give your team the context they need to go well beyond status codes during outages. With Elastic your availability data works in concert with rich context provided by logs, metrics, and traces — making it simpler to connect the dots, correlate activity, and solve problems quickly.


Track and deliver on your SLIs and SLOs

Use synthetic monitoring into your full-stack observability solution. Measure key metrics important to the business, such as service-level indicators and service-level objectives (SLIs/SLOs) to deliver on SLAs. Easily report the uptime and reliability of your services to stakeholders with real-time insights.



Synthetic monitoring reimagined

Proactively catch web performance issues (before your customers do) with a cloud and developer first approach to synthetic monitoring. Elastic’s newly reimagined synthetic testing solution will include a global cloud-based testing infrastructure, a point-and-click test recorder, and granular insight into web performance for faster resolution of issues. Shift left by eliminating the need to write or update production scripts with streamlined GitOps workflows that automatically push functional test scripts to production in the form of synthetic monitors.

Synthetic monitoring is just one way to observe your applications

Monitor your applications, infrastructure, and your users all within a single solution - Elastic Observability.

  • Application performance monitoring

    Accelerate development and improve your application code.

  • Infrastructure monitoring

    Simplify infrastructure monitoring at scale.

  • Log monitoring

    Deploy and manage logs at scale.

  • Real user monitoring

    Measure and track end users to optimize your applications.