Enabling a secure, personalized shopping experience

Drive brand loyalty through the power of search. The world’s most iconic retailers leverage Elastic to streamline product development, perform smoother application monitoring, and close essential security gaps. With a tailored set of tools, create unique customer experiences that drive revenue and maximize the omnichannel experience.

Anchor the customer journey in data

Unlock a unified brand experience

Across the retail industry, teams personalize user experience to drive demand with Elasticsearch. Deliver exceptional search, enable developers to innovate faster, and create secure and trustworthy solutions.

  • Marketplaces

    Enable customers to navigate listings and find the right product with ease
  • Ecommerce

    Drive online revenue and conversions through relevant search and recommendations

  • Big-box

    Enhance the in-store and online customer experience with insights for the modern world

Customer case studies

The Elastic Search Platform enables retailers to create best-in-class search experiences and observe and protect their environments.
  • Customer spotlight

    Protecting clusters from human error and driving performance

  • Customer spotlight

    Powering the search for better help documentation

  • Customer spotlight

    Enhancing the in-store and online retail customer shopping experience

  • Customer Spotlight

    Making sure customers can find the right tool for the job