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Stay up to date with developer blogs

Get in the weeds with these technical blogs from the Elastic Developer Advocacy team.

  • Alex Salgado's blog

    Based in Rio de Janeiro. A developer 🥑, conference speaker, meetup organizer. I enjoy code creative things in AI, Robotics and IoT areas.

  • Ashish Tiwari's blog

    Based in Mumbai, India. A developer 🥑, Developer by heart, Techpreneur

  • Carly Richmond's blog

    Based in London. Frontend Engineer and Agile Enthusiast. Lover of cooking, photography, and tea!

  • David Pilato's blog

    Based in Paris. A frequent speaker about all things Elastic. In my free time, I enjoy coding and DeeJaying, just for fun.

  • Iulia Feroli's blog

    Based in Amsterdam. Developer advocate, Python and data science stuff (especially NLP).

  • Philipp Krenn's blog

    Based in San Francisco.🎩 of DevRel, frequent speaker, podcast guest, and book author.

  • Xiaoguo Liu's blog

    Based in Beijing. A software developer in Qt, python, C++, Nodejs.