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Elastic provides flexible search, monitoring, and security solutions based on Elasticsearch.

About the Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch is the distributed search and analytics engine that provides a unified data store for solutions built on the Elastic Stack.

Elastic Agent, Beats, and Logstash facilitate collecting, aggregating, and enriching your data and storing it in Elasticsearch.

Kibana provides access to the Elastic Observability, Security, and Enterprise Search solutions, enables you to interactively explore, visualize, and share insights into your data.

Together, they form the Elastic Stack and provide powerful search, analysis, and monitoring capabilities for all types of data.

The Elastic Stack can be deployed on cloud, with marketplace support for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, or you can take the on-premises option and manage everything yourself.

You can use the stack to:

  • Add a search box to an app or website
  • Store and analyze logs, metrics, and security event data
  • Use machine learning to automatically model the behavior of your data in real time
  • Automate business workflows using Elasticsearch as a storage engine
  • Manage, integrate, and analyze spatial information using Elasticsearch as a geographic information system (GIS)
  • Store and process genetic data using Elasticsearch as a bioinformatics research tool

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Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch: Store, Search, and Analyze

Cloud: Provision, Manage and Monitor the Elastic Stack

Kibana: Explore, Visualize, and Share

Enterprise Search

Observability: APM, Logs, Metrics, and Uptime

Elastic Security

Logstash: Collect, Enrich, and Transport

Fleet: Install and Manage Elastic Agents

Beats: Collect, Parse, and Ship

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