Elastic integrations

An Elastic integration is a collection of assets that defines how to observe a specific product or service with the Elastic Stack. Each integration comes pre-packaged with assets that support your needs and allow you to easily collect, store, and visualize any data from any source.

Elastic offers over 300 turn-key integrations. Choose the integration that best fits your needs:

You can also browse through the catalogue of Cloud provider integrations:

Ingestion methods

Elastic offers a variety of data ingestion methods:

Refer to the Elasticsearch Service documentation for more details about these options.

Get started

If you want to quickly get started, follow these steps:

  1. Spin up an Elastic Stack deployment. You can try it out for free on AWS, GCP, or Azure.

  2. Install the Elastic Agent. Elastic Agent is a single, unified way to add monitoring for logs, metrics, and other types of data to a host.

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