Elastic Agent

Single agent. One-click integrations.

With Elastic Agent you can collect all forms of data from anywhere with a single unified agent per host. One thing to install, configure, and scale.

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You bring the data, we bring the Fleet

You have data from several sources that you want to collect, store, search, analyze, and protect, but first you have to bring it into the Elastic platform. Fleet enables you to onboard data even faster and more easily through the centralized management of the unified Elastic Agent. We have you covered—just bring the data, and we'll get you started.

Unified telemetry

Single agent to install, configure, and scale

Moving data across systems in different formats from different sources is a huge challenge. Telemetry from infrastructure, applications, and mobile devices powers use cases like search, observability, and security—but it doesn’t scale to install separate agents or edit configuration files on every endpoint. With Elastic Agent you can collect logs, metrics, traces, availability, security, and other data from each host in a single unified way.


Central agent management

Jump in, Fleet first

Fleet provides a web-based UI to add and manage agents and integrations providing a secure and easy setup that is centrally managed at scale. Deploy agent upgrades and policies across thousands of agents at runtime and get real-time updates on all your agents by tracking the agent status, configuration, overhead, processes, versions, and more. Embed endpoint security within your release processes without slowing down application development.


Out-of-the-box integrations

Get insights within seconds

Elastic Agent and Fleet ship with several out-of-the-box components for popular services and platforms, including dashboards, visualizations, and ingest pipelines for extracting structured fields. You won’t need to spend a lot of time and effort configuring the system because it's done for you automatically for common services. Deploy policies and integrations with one click—and get insights within seconds!


Keep it simple. No pricing by ingest.

No matter how you start or grow with Elastic, you shouldn’t be constrained by how you get value from our products. Just pay for the resources you need, deploy them how you'd like, and do even more great things with Elastic.

One agent for multiple use cases

Save time with streamlined data collection across all layers and data types. Deploy endpoint security seamlessly across your infrastructure. Simplify architecture for scale, automation, and build efficiency.

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    Unify your logs, metrics, and traces at scale in a single stack.
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    Prevent, detect, and respond to threats—quickly and at scale.