Pricing the Elastic way

Experience a customer-centric approach that lets you align cost with the value of your data. Pay only for the resources you use, not per an arbitrary unit that varies by use case. It’s simple pricing, based on one dimension, for all your use cases.


Pay only for the resources you use


Skip counting the number of documents ingested, seats needed, agents deployed, or hosts needed. With resource-based pricing, your cost comes down to the hardware resources used to store, search, and analyze your data, no matter the use case or the deployment model.


Do more on one stack, at one price

Ask new questions of existing data and shift to new use cases without retooling your budget or starting a new vendor cycle. Want to explore your application logs in Elastic SIEM? Go for it. Have leftover capacity from decommissioning old apps? No problem. It’s your capacity. Deploy how you wish.

Control costs and keep your priorities

Strike the perfect balance between performance and price that’s right for your business. Architect to derive answers in milliseconds for instant results, or minutes for analysis that’s not time sensitive. We'll never stop optimizing, either, to let you go further and faster with your resources.


Grow with flexibility, not friction

Why resource-based pricing? Because it’s pricing that starts simple, stays simple, and scales well. And because no one should be punished for doing something well or for thinking of new ways to solve a problem.

Positive pricing scenarios for every use case

Your use cases may grow and change, but it’s all the same data to us. Resource-based pricing lets you scale seamlessly as you optimize your business with Elastic solutions.

Enterprise Search

Complex pricing models governed by an arbitrary mix of number of documents, queries, engines, users, and domains can get in the way of delivering the best search experience. With transparent, resource-based pricing, you can focus on tuning relevancy, not your budget.


Adopt new architecture and delivery patterns without worrying about new per container or per function pricing. Don't be forced to drop data at ingest or monitor only the tier 1 apps due to cost. Manage your spend without sacrificing visibility.


Don't let a restrictive pricing model get in the way of best practices. If you need extra coverage, simply slow things down or reduce data retention in non-critical areas instead of turning off protections or paying for more power.