Pricing the Elastic Way

Grow with flexibility,
not friction

Skip counting the number of documents ingested, seats needed, agents deployed, or hosts needed. Since we started Elastic, our users have paid only for the data they use. Whether you're scaling to more data or expanding to new use cases, we believe you shouldn’t feel constrained by your success or hindered by a pricing calculus with a new set of variables.

Scale your use cases, not your spend

Industry status quo has been to charge users per endpoint, ingest, or document. But when users expand to new use cases like metrics or adopt new architectures like microservices, they’re stuck with an exponentially (and sometimes arbitrarily) higher bill. This approach makes evolving with new solutions and architectures punishingly expensive.

Pay only for the data you use — always

Elastic users have never paid per agent, per user, per log, or per ingest. We launched the company with resource-based pricing, and we’ve continued with the same approach even while adding enterprise search, observability, and security solutions.

We'll never stop optimizing, either

When you can do more with the budget you have, there's room to innovate and explore. That's why we continue to develop and release features that help customers efficiently use the resources they're already paying for — from hot-warm architectures to data rollups, frozen indices, index lifecycle management, and more.

Why resource-based pricing?

Because simple things should be simple. Because no one should be punished for doing something well or for thinking of new ways to solve a problem. But most of all, because we believe that when our users are successful, we will be successful. It is never a zero-sum game.

Have questions? We love a good query.

We are happy to help you understand more about our products, pricing, and other offerings to best support your use case and goals.