What's new

Elastic 8.6

Elastic 8.6 introduces a broad set of new capabilities to the Elastic Search Platform and its three built-in solutions — Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability, and Elastic Security.

8.6 Enhancements

Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud

Save space with improved storage efficiency of time series indices, surface better search results, and accelerate time to insights and time to (issue) resolution.

  • Elastic Enterprise Search

    Enterprise Search

    New tools for implementing natural language processing (NLP) across search indices for faster time to value and higher quality search results.

  • Elastic Observability


    New host observability and application dependency operations views provide key insights into complex, distributed environments.

  • Security

    Improved investigation and incident response times across SIEM, cloud, and endpoints — delivering enhanced ransomware protection and improved analyst workflows.