What's new

Elastic 8.4

Elastic 8.4 introduces a broad set of new capabilities to the Elastic Search Platform and its three built-in solutions — Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security. Transforming data into actionable insights has never been easier.

8.4 Enhancements

Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud

In 8.4, get reduced metrics storage with synthetic _source, implement similarity search with KNN in _search API, use machine learning (ML) to better explain log rate spikes, schedule alert snoozes for noise reduction, and more.

  • Elastic Enterprise Search

    Enterprise Search

    8.4 brings enhanced vector-based querying for searching and analyzing datasets large and small, with little to no implementation overhead. Plus, a new and improved search content management area for Elasticsearch indices.

  • Elastic Observability


    8.4 introduces smarter alert management, new Kubernetes dashboards, and simplified APM instrumentation for OpenTelemetry and AWS cloud services, accelerating root cause analysis and data onboarding in cloud-native environments.

  • Security

    8.4 delivers SOAR for the modern SOC, accelerating response via a purpose-built automation interface with custom orchestration. Clients will be able to complete actions for listing, suspending, and killing processes.