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Search is critical to driving customer conversion. Learn about the features that can increase sales overnight.

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Index data fast and flexibly

With the Elastic web crawler, you can make quick work of discovering, extracting, and indexing your website content so it’s searchable. Fully controllable by rich search APIs or via a flexible UI, just specify a few parameters and put the web crawler to work ingesting your data. Need an alternate indexing method? Try API endpoints, JSON files, or an existing Elasticsearch index.


Build it your way

Get a headstart on creating a search engine with Search UI — tools that let you build an immersive search experience into your website with a search box, filtering, and faceting. Take advantage of out-of-the-box ingestion tools, relevance tuning, and analytics, or build search from the ground up to meet your exact specifications.


Make relevance your calling card

Robust, out-of-the-box relevance tools and an easy-to-use UI make it simple to manage search results and synonyms. The Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ provides semantic search out of the box, as well as vector search and hybrid search for interpreting user queries with superior relevance. Adaptive relevance makes automated suggestions for promoted results based on your site search data.


Generative AI

Create next-gen experiences

Integrate Elastic with generative AI to create innovative website experiences. Use your proprietary data to personalize answers and recommendations that precisely address end-user needs, while maintaining document-level security and keeping costs low.


Put answers at users' fingertips

Let your team take the wheel with easy-to-use relevance tuning interfaces, analytics, and powerful dashboards built with Elastic's visualization and management console, Kibana.

  • Tune search for optimal relevance

    User-friendly relevance tuning lets experts who know your business best manage and optimize search. Curate results manually or automate the process with analytics-driven adaptive relevance to improve relevance for specific queries.

  • Elastic's built-in search analytics and visualization builder, Kibana, gives teams across your organization access to search data so you can easily share dashboards, pinpoint issues, and spot shifts in customer behavior.

  • Use insights to drive business

    Elastic's full-featured search library keeps everyone close to the customer experience so you can better meet demand, identify expansion opportunities and content gaps, and help end-users search naturally to find resources they need.

  • Keep tabs on your deployments

    Audit your logs, operations, and log retention, and bring more transparency to search deployments so you can track down who made changes (and when), address issues, and stay compliant.

Any Use Case

Search made simple

Help customers and end-users find information in record time. Create or customize your search interface so that it’s tailored to your business needs.

  • Corporate website
  • Customer knowledge base
  • Generative AI
  • Marketplace
  • Product catalog


Proven results…

Forrester Consulting’s commissioned study of Elasticsearch concluded that customers can increase users by 10X, while decreasing their total cost of ownership. Learn how your organization can scale up and save with Elastic.


Industry credibility

You're in good company

Websites and storefronts you use every day choose Elastic to search over their web properties because it’s flexible, fast, and scalable. Elastic's extensible APIs, language clients, and extensive developer community make it a favorite for builders who implement search.

  • Customer spotlight

    Learn how technology builder, Cisco, uses AI to give customers, partners, and employees detailed search results with videos, links, and FAQs and drives down operational costs at the same time.

  • Customer spotlight

    See how Telegraph Media Group, a multimedia news fixture in the UK, increases its syndication opportunities with 2M articles stored in Elastic and gives journalists real-time insights into their content performance.

  • Customer spotlight

    Humanz, a digital marketing platform for brands and influencers, uses Elastic to scale its service, increase campaign efficiency, and exceed industry average sale conversion rates.


Limitless search use cases on a single platform

With Elastic, you get a slew of tools that help you build any search solution you can think of. Whether it's ecommerce, customer support, or a unique use case with highly custom specifications, Elastic has the tools to help you create it.

  • Ecommerce

    Create search experiences that delight customers and boost engagement (and sales!)

  • Customer support and knowledge bases

    Set up your customers for success with robust search that helps them find answers to their issues.

  • Native content source connectors help you create unified search for all of your teams' productivity tools.

  • Standalone and embeddable search apps

    Build custom search applications with real-time reporting for mobile apps, geo-location services, databases, and data lakes.