Index for success

Elastic provides all the tools you need – out of the box tooling or APIs for building robust, flexible ingest mechanisms for all types of data and content. Quick to set up, with plenty of options for enriching, transforming, and manipulating data as you go, so you can focus on building powerful search applications.

The Elastic web crawler makes it easy to ingest all your web content, including PDFs.

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Variety is the spice of ingest

Get complete control over your ingest pipeline with powerful prebuilt, yet fully configurable, data ingestion tools and exposed APIs that let you index and manage data your way.

  • Data extraction

    Discover, extract, index, and sync of all your website content– including PDFs! Use Elastic’s web crawler to transform your web pages into searchable data.

  • Data connectors

    Make use of native connectors and connector clients to popular productivity tools, plus handy APIs to build connectors for your data sources, too.

  • Ingestion APIs

    Employ convenient indexing endpoints to build custom ingestion pipelines, with popular language clients like JavaScript, Java, and Python.

  • Data pipelines

    Keep data ingestion pipelines and management in place with existing Elasticsearch indices or the Elasticsearch query syntax.


The fastest way to index web content

Whether you use the intuitive UI, flexible APIs, or both, you can configure crawls exactly the way you’d like. And with full visibility into your crawl activity and history, you get a clear picture of indexing performance.



Complete crawl control

Set up, maintain, track, and improve your web crawls.

  • Manage

    Manage domains and entry points, specify crawl rules, and embed crawler instructions within your content.

  • Monitor

    Watch over crawls in real time, and audit crawls after they’ve completed via event and system logs.

  • Troubleshoot

    Identify and correct any challenges impacting crawl stability, content discovery, and content extraction and indexing.


Come one content source, come all

Flexibly and efficiently capture, index, and sync the docs, files, fields, metadata, and other key info in your database or content management system. Use API ingestion, prebuilt connectors, or configurable connector packages to ingest this data into Elastic quickly. Choose which objects to synchronize — and when — with an intuitive UI and simple rules during data ingestion.

  • Box

    Stored files, metadata, and more

  • Confluence

    Spaces, pages, blog posts, and more

  • Dropbox

    Stored files, metadata, and more

  • GitHub

    Issues, pull requests, repos, and more

  • Gmail

    Subject line, email content, and more

  • Google Drive

    G Suite docs, stored files, and more

  • Jira

    Epics, projects, issues, and more

  • Network drives

    Data extracts and syncs

  • OneDrive

    Stored files, metadata, and more

  • Salesforce

    Contacts, opportunities, leads, sandboxes, and more

  • ServiceNow

    Users, incidents, articles, and more

  • SharePoint

    Sites, stored files, and more

  • SharePoint Server

    Sites, stored files, and more

  • Slack

    Channels, conversations, and more

  • Zendesk

    Ticket content, status, priority, and more

  • Everything else

    Custom Source API connects to all your other data sources


The connective tissue for your search experience

With several secure paths to connecting and syncing content from your critical data sources, you can customize the ingest pipeline for all your tools that require indexing.