Web Crawler Quick Start

In this 3-step Quick Start series, you'll learn how to use the Elastic web crawler. See how quickly you can index the content of your website (crawl) and create a search engine that you can easily tune for your needs. Topics include what is the App Search web crawler, crawling a website with App Search, and analyzing and refining search.

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Now it's your turn

Now that you've watched the Quick Start video, follow the steps below to practice what you've learned. If you don't have an Elastic Cloud instance, spin up a 14-day free trial.

  • Step 1

    1. Create a new Enterprise Search deployment on Elastic Cloud
    2. Launch Enterprise Search from the new deployment
    3. Select App Search and create a new Elasticsearch index
  • Step 2

    1. Set up the crawler to retrieve information from your website
    2. Check the logs in Kibana
    3. Run some queries to test your new search engine
  • Step 3

    1. Tune the relevance of your search by boosting the field that makes sense for your users
    2. Create synonyms
    3. Use curation to manually promote or hide documents for a given query