Personalized search, unparalleled relevance

With powerful out-of-the box search relevance, Elastic provides all the tools you need to build engaging search experiences that help users find exactly what they need. Rich relevance tuning tools and state of the art machine learning help you analyze, fine-tune, and personalize even further.

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Right results, every time

Show customers you understand their needs with relevant search results that enhance their journey — from where they are to where they want to go. Get Elastic’s search relevance out of the box, plus plenty of power to personalize. Curate results to raise visibility for house brands, promotions, and popular offerings based on real-time company data.


Promote your best results

Give your highest performing results top billing with automated, data-driven recommendations based on search analytics. Accept, reject, or automatically apply curation suggestions. Thanks to machine learning, your automated recommendations become even more relevant over time.



Refine results on the fly

Easily adjust the recall of your results with precision tuning or lend additional weight or boosts to certain data fields. Add synonyms for common search terms to customize search to business and user requirements. No need to redeploy — search relevance changes are live in production as soon as you're ready.



It takes tuning to make a thing go right

Relevance tuning is as easy as drag and drop in the management interface, giving even non-technical staff a convenient way to tune results in real time. And, of course, developers can perform all the same tuning magic via API. Either way, you get full configurability over your relevance models.


Harness the power of machine learning

Whether you're adding new concepts to broaden the impact of your search or seeking new ways to improve search accuracy, machine learning can augment search and business insights to enhance your search applications and customer experience. Improve semantic relevance with vector search, support for NLP models, and model management.