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Understand a threat actor's targets and attack behaviors with the 2023 Elastic Global Threat Report – designed to provide cybersecurity teams with crucial insights for the upcoming year.

An advanced threat report from Elastic’s unique telemetry

The Global Threat Report is created by the experts of Elastic Security Labs, our team of dedicated threat intelligence researchers. Containing insights from months of analysis and more than 1 billion data points, our report contains important information on malware, endpoint, and cloud provider signals along with predictions on the cybersecurity threat landscape in the upcoming year.


"By sharing these insights, we intend to normalize the discussion of vendor visibility and demonstrate how our unique perspective empowers security technology developers. The insights made available in this report have contributed to improving feature efficacy and overall safety within the Elastic Security solution."

Elastic Security Labs, 2023 Global Threat Report

Fast threat facts with Jake King

See some of the big takeaways for security teams from the 2023 Global Threat Report with Jake King on behalf of Microsoft.

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The Global Threat Report, summarized

  • Adversary methods in the 2023 Elastic Global Threat Report

    Get a better look at how adversaries are moving through environments.

  • 10 takeaways for CISOs from the Elastic Global Threat Report

    Explore changes to the threat landscape and inform your 2024 strategies.

  • Elastic's CISO speaks on the Global Threat Report

    Mandy Andress shares crucial details and how she’s using them to strategize for 2024.

  • Elastic Security Labs Lead discusses the process

    See the outro from Devon Kerr for some of the threat insights he believes are most important.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Elastic Global Threat Report?

The Elastic Global Threat Report is a report from Elastic Security Labs that explores a full year of telemetry. The Global Threat Report provides a comprehensive look at several threat topics, including malware, cloud, endpoint, and adversaries campaigns. It also provides cybersecurity forecasts for the upcoming year.

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