Outstanding support starts with getting answers for your customers

Help customers find information quickly and easily with modern, powerful search. Show customers that you speak their language with accurate and personalized question answering powered by generative AI. Resolve customer issues in record time, and see satisfaction skyrocket while support costs plummet.

Learn how to implement search for your knowledge base — from planning and implementation to testing and maintenance.

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The best service is self‑service

Keep customer frustration at bay by delivering intuitive search that serves up quick answers. Type-ahead suggestions, results management, and NLP and generative AI-powered question answering can convert self-service to your knowledge base into your highest performing support channel. Built-in analytics and powerful visualizations give your team insights to improve customer success rates and case deflection.


Upgrade search in a snap

Take advantage of flexible ingestion methods, including a web crawler, search APIs, countless SaaS connectors, and interoperability with existing Elasticsearch indices. Ready-made tools help you build search interfaces, tune relevance, and analyze search data. Use semantic search and NLP tools, powered by machine learning to interpret customer queries and tailor search results.


The key to a better knowledge base

Unified search and generative AI experiences that tap into your internal support resources improve agent productivity and customer interaction quality, keeping support costs low. Role-based access shows everyone on the team the most relevant info. Search result suggestions powered by adaptive relevance put the most helpful content in front of customers and agents and identify content gaps in your knowledge base.

Generative AI

Next-gen support, today

Integrate Elastic with generative AI to create innovative self-service customer support and agent experiences. Use your proprietary customer data, knowledge base, and process documentation to provide precise question answering and recommendations, while maintaining document-level security and keeping costs low.


Customer support search your way

Elastic has a search solution for every channel your team uses to support customers, so you deliver relevant answers wherever questions pop up.

  • Support portal / knowledge base
  • Mobile app
  • Call center / Help desk
  • Community site
  • Generative AI


Build self-service support that brings customer and search data together on one platform to deflect cases, resolve support queries faster, and recommend relevant content tailored to customer needs.

  • Unify customer and support data

    Ingest and enrich data from different sources using native and customizable connector clients and data pipelines.

  • Provide the right answers — fast

    Deliver hyper-relevant search results with autosuggest, typo-tolerance, and tuneable, AI-powered relevance.

  • Evolve self-service

    Personalize results to customers with curations, synonyms, generative AI experiences, and behavioral analytics.


Proven results…

Forrester Consulting's commissioned study of Elasticsearch concluded that customers reduce their costs by 25% and save 24 hours per year per employee. Learn how your organization can decrease its costs and improve employee productivity with Elastic.



Used by leaders in customer support

Brands that make customer service a differentiator use Elastic because it gets customers the most relevant answers every time. Elastic’s reliability, performance, and flexible deployment turn your search investment into savings.

  • Customer spotlight

    See how Cisco transformed its support experience and helped its support team resolve issues quickly using AI and Elastic to organize and search over millions of pieces of content

  • Customer spotlight

    Learn how Karbon deployed Elastic Cloud to give its accounting firm customers a complete view of historical client data with easy document and email retrieval.


Limitless search use cases on a single platform

With Elastic, you get a slew of tools that help you build any search solution you can think of. Whether it’s website search, customer support, or a unique use case with highly custom specifications, Elastic has the tools to help you create it.

  • Standalone and embeddable search apps

    Build custom search applications with real-time reporting for mobile apps, geo-location services, databases, and data lakes.

  • Ecommerce

    Turn browsers into buyers with search experiences that help them zero in on the products and services they need.

  • Native content source connectors help you create unified search for all of your teams' productivity tools.

  • Websites

    Create search experiences that engage site visitors and help them track down whatever they're looking for.