Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Accelerate development and improve your application code

Whether you're new to Elastic Observability or you're already housing logs and system metrics in Elasticsearch you can seamlessly adopt APM to quickly identify and resolve root cause issues with correlated traces, logs, and metrics. Get deeper visibility into your applications with extensive support for popular languages, OpenTelemetry, and distributed tracing. Use machine learning to quickly correlate infrastructure and application metadata to determine outliers and identify abnormal behavior.

Start streaming, viewing, and analyzing APM traces from your applications using Elastic Cloud in minutes.

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Improve code quality with end-to-end distributed tracing

Capture and analyze distributed transactions spanning microservices, serverless, and monolithic architectures, including support for AWS Lambda, auto-instrumentation, and popular languages like Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Go, and more. Investigate each tier from the client to the application and cloud services with enriched transaction metadata and tagging for faster analysis. Minimize downtime and optimize customer experience by annotating transactions with customer data and deployment markers.


Never miss an issue with smarter sampling

Scalable and flexible architecture welcomes full fidelity, 100% transaction sample capture, storage, analytics, and search with the added dials to scale sampling up or down as needed. Get fine-grained control over sampling conditions with tail-based sampling of transactions for optimal visibility.


Quickly identify application problems with dependency mapping

Identify performance issues with automated and curated visual representation of all dependencies, including cloud, messaging, data store, and third-party services and their performance data. Drill into anomalies, transaction details, and metrics for deeper analysis.


Accelerate root cause analysis with machine learning and AIOps

Automatic anomaly detection using machine learning along with latency, error, and failure correlations makes finding problems (even those hard to pin down intermittent problems!) easy compared to traditional monitoring techniques.


Deploy with confidence with CI/CD pipeline visibility

Identify and quantify application performance changes with continuous visibility during new or “blue vs. green” deployments. Find the root cause of the problem, narrowing down to a release, version or troublesome nodes alongside access to contextual traces, logs, and metrics. Get insight into error-prone jobs, slow builds, and flaky tests with Elastic contributed open standards based OpenTelemetry plugins for Jenkins, Maven and Ansible.

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Developer-friendly, open standards support

Support for open standards includes native support for the OpenTelemetry protocol, W3C trace context, and Jaeger. OpenTelemetry and open standard data sources future-proof your observability investments by providing maximum flexibility and reducing the cost of future integration efforts.

Application performance monitoring (APM) is just one way to observe your apps

Monitor your infrastructure, your logs, and your users all within a single solution.

  • Infrastructure monitoring

    Simplify infrastructure monitoring and metrics collection at scale.
  • Log monitoring

    Deploy and manage logs with efficiency and scale for DevOps and SRE teams.
  • Real user monitoring

    Measure and track end users to optimize your applications.

  • Synthetic monitoring

    Test user journeys to deliver a great customer experience.