Serve more with serverless and Search AI Lake

Elastic Cloud Serverless is the easiest way to ramp up your capabilities in search, observability, and security. Start in a snap with guided onboarding, tap into the latest AI search capabilities, and do more with unprecedented scale. It’s built on Elastic's Search AI Lake to deliver uncompromising speed and scale. Just bring your data and serverless does the rest!

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Manage less and build more

  • Hassle-free operations

    Free yourself from the administration burden — managing infrastructure, capacity planning, upgrades, and scaling is handled automatically on your behalf.

  • The fastest search — period

    Get fast search without any compromises. Grow using affordable object storage to query data for the long term.

  • Great data never gets old

    Seamlessly scale to respond in real time to changes in demand, minimize latency, and ensure the fastest response.

  • Pay for what you use

    Elastic’s simple, consumption-based metering and pricing transparency lets you easily manage performance and spend as you scale.

No compromise on speed or scale

Elastic Cloud Serverless is built on a cloud native architecture to interactively search all your data without compromise.

Architecture diagram for Search AI Lake
  • Boundless scale

    Scale any workload automatically and independently with separated storage and compute plus decoupled index and query tiers. Leverage object storage to grow without breaking the piggy bank. Easily optimize performance and spend for any use case.

  • Low latency search, powerful analytics

    Fast querying on boundless object stores lets you skip rehydration. Transform, enrich, and simplify exploration with powerful query language ES|QL and a full set of search, time series, and geospatial capabilities.

  • GAI optimized

    Tailor generative AI experiences on your proprietary data. Harness a native suite of powerful AI relevance, retrieval, and reranking capabilities including vector database, open inference APIs, semantic search, third-party transformer models, and more.


"Serverless was fast and it was nice not having to think about the hardware…because I have to constantly monitor our production deployment (configuration vs. budget, ILM policy vs. capacity, disk space messages, etc.), a serverless implementation is the answer to my prayers. I would highly recommend Serverless to anyone looking for a logging / security solution."

Joe MunozSr. Cybersecurity Analyst at Dana Incorporated

Get started in a snap

Get started lightning-fast with optimized experiences for search, observability, and security.

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    Deliver impactful AI search experiences without worrying about speed or scale. Put to work the latest search, ranking, AI, and retrieval capabilities from vector database to inference APIs to innovate faster.

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    Minimize time to insight with streamlined workflows and guided onboarding that make it easy to pivot between signals without losing crucial context. Plus over 350+ integrations, a managed intake service, and an OpenTelemetry-first approach.

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    Get to work quickly with a curated security solution that eliminates managing infrastructure. Seamlessly analyze all security-relevant data on Search AI Lake for threat hunting, automated detections, and AI-driven security.

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How do I get started?

  1. Sign up for a free Cloud trial.
  2. Choose your serverless project: Elasticsearch, Observability, Security.
  3. Review settings and launch your project!