The most extensive search toolkit for developers

Fast, flexible tools, robust APIs, and the trusted power of Elasticsearch allow development teams to build AI search applications with text search, vector search, hybrid search, semantic search, and other machine learning capabilities — all to their exact specifications.

Learn about the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE) for creating AI search applications that integrate with LLMs and generative AI.

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Get an introduction to modern natural language search and native vector search in Elasticsearch. Start with pre-built models or scale your own.

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See how to use Search UI to build premium search experiences.

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Firm footing for building any search experience

For decades, developers have relied on the speed, scale, and relevance of Elasticsearch for building their most important search functionality.


    For developers, by developers

    Choose from a vast set of language clients, implement search, and manage touch points programmatically. Index documents, search and filter, track click-throughs, manage search customizations or engines, and more, all via REST APIs.

  • Future-proof search

    ML & vector search-powered

    With a vector database and natural language processing (NLP) transformer models, developers can unlock the power of AI innovation. Implement semantic search, hybrid ranking, ML tasks, and recommendation engines tailored to customer segments. Add private data to LLMs and generative AI for more relevance and accuracy.


    Highly relevant (and mighty customizable)

    Out of the box, Elastic's relevance models are optimized for real-life search. Use an easy-to-download model for semantic search across domains. Combine vector and textual search with hybrid ranking.


    Real-time intelligence, actionable insights

    Get visibility into user behavior with behavioral analytics that highlight what's working, what’s not, and how to make necessary improvements and adjustments.


    Any platform, any data, anywhere

    A variety of ingestion methods — native connectors for databases, connector clients for SaaS productivity apps, web crawler, API, JSON import — let developers index, enrich, and sync data and define schema exactly the way they'd like.


    Built for speed and scale

    Elasticsearch power means you don't have to sacrifice real-time speed as your data and compute volume increase. Build with confidence knowing that performance won’t deteriorate as search data and query volume grow.

Use Cases

So what exactly can I build?

Elastic® gives developers a powerful suite of search tools that deliver on speed, scale, relevance, and simplicity. Develop AI search for any data from any application using any interface. Integrate with large language models and generative AI. The only limit is your imagination.

  • Power a location-specific search engine for your application with synchronous, geospatial query support that connects your services with your end-users.

  • Data extraction

    Build search for your data lake with entity extraction and metadata enrichment to save time and get your team immediate answers.

  • Search across datasets

    Link your data repositories to give teams a searchable, unified corpus of information – whether it’s documentation or internal content, it’s sure to boost productivity.

  • Offloading

    Provide a flexible, millisecond-fast, typo tolerant query interface for your business-critical data while protecting load on your enterprise databases and systems of record.

  • Real-time operational intelligence

    Create business dashboards that give teams instant reporting and data visualizations on customer behavior, service and performance trends so you can respond fast.

  • Develop intuitive search that conceals even the most complex queries and ranking algorithms, serving personalized results in milliseconds.

Retrieval Augmented Generation

Enhance your RAG workflows with Elasticsearch

Discover how using Elastic for RAG workflows enhances generative AI experiences. Easily sync to real-time information using proprietary data sources to get the best, most relevant generative AI responses.

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) in action


Serverless Clients


Proven results...

Forrester Consulting's commissioned study of Elasticsearch concluded that customers save 24 hours per year per employee and reduce their total cost of ownership by 25%. Learn how your organization can improve its productivity while reducing costs with Elastic.


Search — in action

See how organizations are developing mission-critical search experiences that help users find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Customer spotlight

    "With other systems, it's been a full-time job for a couple of people just to keep the lights on. Elasticsearch is so much more efficient and scalable in that respect. New releases and features free up our DevOps team to do high value work at a critical time when the podcast industry is evolving so quickly."

  • Customer spotlight

    "I was surprised by how much functionality Elastic has out-of-the-box. There are so many tools and features that improve the experience for our users that we don't have to build."

  • Customer Spotlight

    "Semantic search, which better understands context and intent, gives us a significant competitive advantage when there are so many other sources of information in the market."


Limitless search use cases on a single platform

With Elastic, you get a slew of tools that help you build any search solution you can think of. Whether it’s website search, customer support, or a unique use case with highly custom specifications, Elastic has the tools to help you create it.

  • Ecommerce

    Create search experiences that delight customers and boost engagement (and sales!)

  • Customer support and knowledge bases

    Set up your customers for success with robust search that helps them find answers to their issues.

  • Native content source connectors help you create unified search for all of your teams' productivity tools.

  • Websites

    Create search experiences that engage site visitors and help them track down whatever they're looking for.