The shortcut to a complete search UI

Create search interfaces and configurable search components with just a few lines of code. Build fully customizable search experiences with rich filtering capabilities that help your users find exactly what they need.

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Learn how to add rich, relevant search to your apps and websites with Elastic.
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Prebuilt with Search UI

Add popular, out-of-the-box search features to frontend search applications that help users get to accurate results faster. Quickly implement search UX best practices.

  • Search-as-you-type

    Add search-as-you-type fields that match to queries to find users quick answers.

  • Filtering, faceting, sorting

    Let users narrow down search results manually to match their criteria.

  • Pagination and highlighting

    Make search results easier to parse with auto-paginated search results and emphasized, matching search terms.

  • Typeahead

    Use language prediction tooling to provide suggestions to users as they type queries.

Get Started Quickly

Simple, flexible, powerful

Build search interfaces with a range of mobile-friendly components – all customizable to your exact use case.

  • Ready in 5 minutes

    Download, select your components, and add a few lines of code to your application.

  • Open source, fully customizable

    Every component can be styled and modified to create uniquely immersive experiences. And it's all open source.

  • Flexible front-end

    Leverage the framework's logic and extend it with your own components.

  • URL synchronization

    Filters, queries, pagination, and all query parameters are automatically captured in the URL for an optimal user experience.

  • Interoperable

    Search UI can be used with any search service, and includes prebuilt connectors for Elasticsearch.

  • React, vanilla, and beyond

    Written completely in Typescript, the underlying library powering Search UI can be used with any JavaScript framework.