Search in the time of generative AI

Use Elasticsearch with large language models (LLMs) to create powerful, new applications for your customers and employees. Tailor generative AI experiences to your business using real-time, proprietary data. Build cost-effective and secure AI apps that are accurate and relevant using Elastic’s vector database, out of the box semantic search, and transformer model flexibility. The future is possible today with Elastic.


Check out this primer on different ways to build AI Search and integrate with ChatGPT or other LLMs.

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Find out how the Elastic AI Assistant employs generative AI to help keep your environment secure.

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Learn about how to get started building generative AI apps with the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™.

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Straight from the source

LLMs, NLP, ChatGPT, RRF, BM25, ESRE, vectors, transformers, embeddings — there’s a lot to keep up with in the world of AI. Hear from Elastic product and engineering leadership and development teams about this fast-moving AI landscape so you can build better AI-powered search applications.

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A world of AI possibilities

Build generative AI applications using Elastic to give end-users customized, prescriptive responses with sophisticated question-answering that references your organization's real-time data.

  • Retail & Ecommerce

    Product recommendations, real-time insights and automation, fraud detection

  • Financial Services

    Risk assessment, fraud detection, personalized experiences, customer insights

  • Human Resources

    Policy requirements, regional Q&A

  • Government

    Personalized public services, streamlined investigations, and intelligence

  • Compliance reporting and discovery

  • Manufacturing

    Smart monitoring, predictive maintenance, and reporting

  • Medical & Pharma

    Patient analysis, accelerated drug innovation, and discovery

  • Security

    Risk assessment and analysis, incident response, improved threat detection, alert prioritization


Create a generative AI experience that's tailored to your own business and end-user needs. Elastic connects your datastore whether it's a database, knowledge base, or case history with large language models like OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Hugging Face. Have your own transformer model? Bring it and manage it within Elastic. Using Langchain to build your app? We can integrate with your preferred open source frameworks too.


Your data creates the best responses

How can your organization take advantage of generative AI's massive promise and differentiate itself? Put your proprietary data to work using Elasticsearch. Pull real-time data for better efficiency and automation to create innovative customer experiences.

  • Customer information

    Past purchases or interactions, location, contract details

  • Product details

    Product catalog, specifications, inventory levels, promotions, documentation, support resources

  • Process documentation

    Service level agreements, who to contact for what, how to self-serve


See through the context window

Deliver generative AI experiences with better context for customers and employees. Elastic provides generative AI models with relevant search results from your data using retrieval augmented generation (RAG).

When users query your application, Elastic provides relevant search results pulled from the data you have stored in Elasticsearch. These secure results, which contain proprietary context from your organization, get passed to the generative AI model to create more accurate responses for end-users.


A new generation of tools

Build relevant, enterprise search experiences and AI apps with the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™, a suite of powerful development tools that make use of a vector database, semantic search, and transformer models. It's production-ready, highly scalable, and trusted by developers worldwide.

  • Vector database

    Get the foundation for a full vector search experience and generative AI integration. Use a single platform to create, store, and search embeddings for dense retrieval and capture your unstructured data’s meaning and context — across text, images, videos, audio, geo-location, or other data.

    Elasticsearch goes further than other vector databases with a full suite of search capabilities: filters and faceting, document level security, on-prem or cloud deployment, and more.

  • Get relevant semantic search out of the box across domains with the Elastic Learned Sparse Encoder model. Implement it easily with a single click when setting up your new search application. Query expansions with related keywords and relevance scores make the model easily understood and ready for prime time on any dataset — no fine-tuning required.

  • Large language models

    Incorporate your proprietary, business-specific information with LLMs so that generative AI applications don’t have to simply rely on publicly trained data. Elasticsearch is your data source for highly relevant search results that enhances the quality of LLM output via context window. Integrate with generative AI or your preferred LLM using Elasticsearch’s APIs and plugins.

Elasticsearch Advantage

Enterprise ready

Elastic's natural language understanding and real-time data insights help you provide relevant results with generative AI, at speed and scale.

  • Secure

    Secures data and user access and removes private information with document-level control.

  • Relevant & cost effective

    Reduce compute, storage, and costs. Deliver relevant content to gen AI, and return the best responses to your users.

  • Compliance baked-in

    Full support for a comprehensive set of widely recognized compliance standards

  • Proven at scale

    Trusted by 50% of the Fortune 500 for mission critical use cases at petabyte scale.

  • AI app platform

    An end-to-end platform for building AI search applications that goes beyond gen AI.

  • Deploy anywhere

    Run Elasticsearch where you are: on-prem, on a public cloud provider of your choice, hybrid environments, or serverless (coming soon).