Explore generative AI in a free Elastic trial

Unlock powerful generative AI (GAI) capabilities using LLMs with a free 14-day trial. Test out ingesting your data, build a proof of concept, and kick the tires on Elastic's machine learning and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) capabilities. Deploy any data in any cloud — or multiple clouds — in real time, at scale.

Generative AI overview

You can use Elastic to…

  • Quickly build AI apps

    Create apps with generative AI for personal, human-like responses and rapid question-answering querying your data in real-time.

  • Deliver better experiences with your own data

    Securely use your data in Elastic to power the most relevant and accurate generative AI experiences.

  • Experience the power of Elastic's pre-configured machine learning model. Set up semantic search in just a few clicks!

  • Save money (and time)

    Save on compute and storage resources when you query Elastic to give large language models (LLMs) and generative AI additional context.

Flexibility above all

What’s included in Elastic’s free generative AI trial?

Everything you need. You get robust features and storage for integrating with generative AI, comprehensive documentation, plus support to help you achieve your goals once the trial is complete.

  • Vector database

    Efficiently create, store, and search vector embeddings at scale to use with multiple retrieval methods.

  • Model management

    Manage your own transformer model within Elastic or integrate with a third-party model from a public repository like Hugging Face.

  • Vector embedding generation

    Use dense vectors to associate relationships and meaning to your data. Enrich data at ingestion time.

  • Flexible data ingestion

    Index any data source with native and fully customizable connector clients and frameworks for databases, networks, and popular collaboration tools.

  • Machine learning data enrichment

    Enrich data with inference pipelines. Configure, select field mappings, and test vector and semantic search with an easy infer workflow.

  • Integration with third-party tools

    Develop using the latest tools like LangChain to build data pipelines and generative AI applications like OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 and -4.

Generative AI trial FAQ

Explore some of the most frequently asked questions about our Cloud Trial experience. For more FAQ about Elastic in general, check out our FAQ page.

What can I do with generative AI?

Elastic lets you search your proprietary data and integrate with large language models using retrieval augmented generation (RAG). Your proprietary, real-time data provides additional context and accuracy to generative AI experiences. Providing highly relevant results via context window to generative AI is a cost-effective, secure alternative to building or training your own large language model.

From Fortune 500 to you

Get inspiration from technology leaders on how they make their data work with Elastic and generative AI.

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