22 June 2017 News

Welcome Opbeat to the Elastic Family

By Shay BanonRasmus Makwarth

I am very excited to announce that Elastic is joining forces with Opbeat, an application performance monitoring (APM) company.

21 June 2017 Engineering

Automated Snapshots in Elastic Cloud Enterprise

By Igor Kupczyński

ECE automates snapshots to your own repository providing a convenient way to back up your data and allowing you to make cluster changes confidently.

19 June 2017 Engineering

Filebeat modules, access logs and Elasticsearch storage requirements

By Christian Dahlqvist

In this blog post, we explore the on-disk storage requirements of data indexed using Filebeat modules and discuss further optimizations and related tradeoffs.

16 June 2017 User Stories

Addressing Human Security Issues: Cause Award Honoree IST Researc...

By Renuka Hermon

IST Research gathers data from hard-to-reach populations and uses the Elastic Stack to help counter issues like human trafficking.

15 June 2017 Engineering

​Viewing Activity in Elastic Cloud Enterprise

By Rory Hunter

Learn how to get an overview of your clusters' status and recent changes made to them with Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

14 June 2017 Engineering

Integrating Elasticsearch with ArcSight SIEM - Part 5

By Dale McDiarmid

Last time we identified a brute force login attack. Now we'll detect unusual processes on machines in your infrastructure using Elasticsearch and ArcSight.

07 June 2017 User Stories

Looking at Content Recommendation Through a Search Lens

By Sonya LibermanBaruch Brutman

Improving content recommendation for millions of requests and increasing complexity for online prediction models with Elasticsearch.

06 June 2017 User Stories

Dimensions of the Ballerina in the Age of Technology

By Sarah Cecilia Griffin

A perspective from a ballerina and choreographer on visualizing ballet in real time using Elasticsearch and Kibana at Elastic{ON} 2017.

05 June 2017 Engineering

Little Logstash Lessons: Handling Duplicates

By Suyog Rao

Approaches for de-duplicating data in Elasticsearch using Logstash. We also go into examples of how you can use IDs in Elasticsearch Output.