28 September 2016 Engineering

Do you grok Grok?

By João Duarte

27 September 2016 Engineering

A New Way To Ingest - Part 1

By Christoph Wurm

Ingest Nodes are a new feature in Elasticsearch 5 that allows you to change data right before it is indexed, e.g. extracting fields from long message strings.

23 September 2016 Engineering

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana Docker images!

By Dimitrios Liappis

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana 5.0 Docker images.

21 September 2016 News

50% More Storage, Same Price. Elastic Cloud (Hosted Elasticsearch) Gets Even Better

By Tyler Hannan

50% More Storage, Same Price. And now available in a new region.

20 September 2016 Engineering

Painless: A New Scripting Language

By Jack Conradson

In Elasticsearch 5.0, we created a new language to make dynamic scripting Painless.

19 September 2016 Engineering

Instant Aggregations: Rewriting Queries for Fun and Profit

By Colin Goodheart-Smithe

In 1.4.0 Elasticsearch gained a shard level ‘Request Cache’ which caches the result of the query phase on each shard keyed on the search request its

15 September 2016 News

Welcome Prelert to the Elastic Team

By Shay BanonSteve Dodson

I am happy to announce that Prelert and Elastic are joining forces to combine the power of search with unsupervised machine learning.

14 September 2016 Engineering

Monitoring Container Resource Usage with Metricbeat

By Andrew Kroh

Using Metricbeat to collect container metrics using Linux cgroups.

13 September 2016 Engineering

The tale of caching and why it matters…

By Simon WillnauerShay Banon

It’s early 2013 and an unusually sunny day in Amsterdam and a group of people are meeting around table soccer and ping pong tables for what we call a company al

12 September 2016 News

Announcing Annual Discounts for Elastic Cloud Standard

By Tyler Hannan

Starting last week, annual subscriptions of Cloud Standard enjoy a 15% discount on the total cost.