25 March 2019 Engineering

Elastic Site Search: Wordpress Search Plugin

By Aurelien FoucretKellen Evan

25 March 2019 User Stories

Using the Elastic Stack for Business Intelligence at Liefery

By Meline Keoxay

Liefery walks us through their Elastic journey that helped enable their business analytics capabilities with Elasticsearch and Kibana as core components.

21 March 2019 User Stories

Elasticsearch as a time series database for telemetry data at NS1

By Joe DeFever

Learn why NS1 -- a leading DNS provider -- chose Elasticsearch as its time series database for telemetry data management.

20 March 2019 Engineering

How to file a GitHub issue the best way

By Daniel Cecil

Want to contribute to the Elastic Stack? This quick tutorial will give you general guidelines for submitting a successful GitHub issue.

19 March 2019 Engineering

Monitoring AWS EC2 using Metricbeat

By Kaiyan Sheng

Starting with 7.0, use a new Metricbeat module to collect AWS EC2 monitoring metrics from Cloudwatch.

19 March 2019 User Stories

Countering cyber threats with Elastic Cloud Enterprise at CERDEC/...

By Joe DeFever

This Elastic{ON} Tour recap explores how Cyber Ops in the Department of Defense used Elastic to scale security data ingest and conduct critical threat hunts.

18 March 2019 Engineering

Elastic Support Alert: Upgrading Your Elasticsearch 1.7 Cluster o...

By Elastic Engineering

The Elasticsearch Cloud will cease operations of Elasticsearch 1.7 on April 8, 2019. Find out how easy it is to upgrade your cluster to a supported version.

14 March 2019 Engineering

Schema on write vs. schema on read

By Tanya Bragin

14 March 2019 Culture

Life@ Elastic | Katy Sue Wright: Elastic{ON} Events Extraordinair...

By Nohealani WrightDaniel Cecil

Elastic wouldn't be Elastic without its Elasticians. In this spotlight, meet Katy Sue Wright, Elastic events guru extraordinaire.

13 March 2019 Engineering

A new era for cluster coordination in Elasticsearch

By David TurnerYannick Welsch

Meet the new cluster coordination subsystem in Elasticsearch 7.0: simpler configuration, faster master elections, effortless scaling, improved resilience.

13 March 2019 User Stories

Eye-catching Canvas dashboards on top of bike sharing data

By Ruben SlabbertAndrew Li

Learn how Aginic - one of Australia’s leading data analytics consulting agencies - is using Canvas to help track and display real-time public bike sharing.