09 August 2018 User Stories

From Tableau to Elastic: How Samtec Streamlined Business Intelligence & Analytics

By Caleb KellerWoo Ee

Samtec shares how Elasticsearch and Kibana has helped them build out an internal business intelligence tool for their enterprise from sales to manufacturing.

09 August 2018 Engineering

How to Optimize Elasticsearch Machine Learning Job Configurations using Job Validation

By Walter Rafelsberger

Introduced in Elastic Stack 6.3, job validation for machine learning catches misconfigurations and helps you tweak bucket spans, partition fields and more.

08 August 2018 Culture

How I Used my Volunteer Time Off with Refugee Rescue

By Nikolaj Richers

As a part of Elastic Cares, we offer 40 hours of Volunteer Time Off per year. Read about how Nik Richers used his volunteer time with Refugee Rescue in Lesvos.

07 August 2018 Engineering

Upcoming Kibana Plugin API Changes in 6.4

By Raya Fratkina

If you are currently using custom Kibana plugins, be aware of the changes we are making in 6.4.

01 August 2018 News

Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud: New Pricing With Reduced ...

By Anurag Gupta

We’ve introduced new pricing for Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud that gives our users more transparency and options when pricing their use case.

31 July 2018 Engineering

How to Tune Elastic Beats Performance: A Practical Example with B...

By Ismael Hasan Romero

Dive into a basic and practical Elastic Beats tuning exercise to raise Beats throughput. Learn how to tweak performance, and why bigger isn't always better.

31 July 2018 Engineering

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with the Elastic Stack - Part 2: H...

By Alex Francoeur

The Elastic Stack can be used for many things. In this post, we'll be monitoring the journey from the Mexican border to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.