11 December 2018 Engineering

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Documents in Elasticsearch

By Alex Marquardt

10 December 2018 News

Elastic doubles down on cloud native with Helm charts and CNCF membership

By Michelle SausaTanya Bragin

We're excited to announce the alpha release of Helm charts for Elasticsearch and Kibana, plus our membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

07 December 2018 Engineering

Welcome to the Elastic Advent Calendar, 2018! A look at Week One

By Mark Walkom

The Elastic Advent Calendar is back in 2018. Here's a round up of what's happened in week 1!

07 December 2018

Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for Nov 26th, 2018

By Jin Mu

EUI now officially supports TypeScript in its build process. Alerting service adopted a new direction.

06 December 2018 News

Reflections on Three Years in the Elastic Public Sector

By George Young

A lot has changed (in a good way) since our first Elastic{ON} Tour DC event in 2015, but the most important things have stayed the same.

05 December 2018 Engineering

Analyzing Bitcoin Price Behavior with Elasticsearch & Kibana

By Josh Bressers

You've heard of Bitcoin, but do you know how it works? Learn the concepts behind this cryptocurrency and how to analyze its valuation with the Elastic Stack.

04 December 2018 Engineering

Search for Things (not Strings) with the Annotated Text Plugin

By Mark Harwood

Introducing the Mapper Annotated Text plugin for Elasticsearch. Learn how to enrich unstructured text with annotation tokens to boost precision and recall.

29 November 2018 Engineering

Canvas: Data Table and Debug Elements

By Ethan Groves

28 November 2018 Engineering

Changes to Elastic Machine Learning Anomaly Scoring in 6.5

By Rich CollierEd Savage

Elastic machine learning anomaly scoring has changed in 6.5. Learn how the new scoring relates to the normalization of partitions and multi-bucket anomalies.

19 November 2018 Engineering

Uptime Monitoring with Heartbeat and the Elastic Stack

By Dov Hershkovitch

Heartbeat is generally available as of 6.5. It's about time you start monitoring your uptime (and downtime) all the time.

19 November 2018 Engineering

Kickstart Search with the Elastic App Search Reference UI

By Jason StoltzfusBrian Earwood

Meet the App Search Reference UI. Gain inspiration, see your relevance tuning in action, or use it as the foundation for your next excellent search experience.