23 March 2017 Culture

On Indexing Heartbeats and Ballet into Elasticsearch

By Haley Eshagh

That time we wired up a ballerina with sensors and indexed her movements in Elasticsearch for visualization in Kibana.

22 March 2017 Culture

A Snapshot of the Elastic Timeline & How It All Came Together

By Haley Eshagh

We put nine years of Elastic history on a 92-foot-long-by-18-foot-high wall.

03 March 2017 Engineering

Memory Issues We'll Remember

By Alex BrasetvikChris Overton

Our Cloud service experienced issues with managing memory for the clusters. This blog is a postmortem of the incident.

01 March 2017 Culture

Celebrating International Women's Day at Elastic{ON}17

By Kristina Frost

From the Elastic Cause Awards to our Women's Breakfast, there are a number of ways to help us celebrate diversity and social justice at Elastic{ON}.

28 February 2017 Engineering

Grokking the Linux authorization logs

By Tudor Golubenco

The authorization logs contain lots of interesting security related information. Let’s have a closer at them and see how we can parse and visualize them.

17 February 2017 User Stories

The Elastic Journey @ Mixmax

By Cameron Price-Austin

Mixmax is a platform for all your externally-facing communications. Check out their journey from Mongo to Elastic to Elastic Cloud.