25 July 2016 Engineering

A History of Logstash Output Workers

By Andrew CholakianJordan Sissel

This blog post covers the history of how outputs and output workers work in the pipeline and how to use them most effectively.

25 July 2016 User Stories

Security and Alerting for Elasticsearch: A Vandis Story (Part 2)

By Haley Stephenson

It’s just another day when Shield, Watcher, Marvel, and Beats help Vandis identify and resolve problems before their customers know anything’s amiss.

21 July 2016 Engineering

Cloud Enterprise - The Architecture

By Igor Kupczyński

An overview of Elastic Cloud Enterprise and its architecture, beginning with what it is and how it differs from our current Elastic Cloud offering.

21 July 2016 User Stories

How JJ Food Service Uses the Elastic Stack for Log Analytics and ...

By Erdem EkiciKaramjit Kang

Discover how JJ Food Service uses the Elastic Stack to create a better search experience for their customers.

20 July 2016 Engineering

Spinning up a cluster with Elastic's Azure Marketplace template

By Russ Cam

A walkthrough of the key features available in our Microsoft Azure Marketplace (ARM) solution template

19 July 2016 Engineering

Running site plugins with Elasticsearch 5.0

By Clinton Gormley

Why site plugins have been removed in Elasticsearch 5.0 and what you can do about it.

14 July 2016 User Stories

From POC to Prod with Elasticsearch: A Vandis Story (Part 1)

By Haley Stephenson

Eight days. That’s how long Vandis’ Director of Engineering had to go from proof-of-concept to production. There was a job to do — and he wasn't alone.

13 July 2016 Engineering

Using Beats with Amazon AWS

By Dara Gies

Beats are open source, purpose-built, lightweight, and efficient agents that acquire and feed data natively to Elasticsearch.

12 July 2016 Engineering

And the big one said "Rollover" — Managing Elasticsearch time-bas...

By Clinton Gormley

Introducing the new Rollover Pattern, and the APIs which support it, which is a simpler, more efficient way of managing time-based indices in Elasticsearch.