17 October 2016 News

Elastic{ON}17: Announcing our 3rd Annual Conference

By Shay Banon

Elastic{ON} 2017 - the largest gathering of Elasticsearch users - is coming March 7-9, 2017 in San Francisco. Registration is now live - get your tickets today.

12 October 2016 Culture

If you love somebody, set them free

By Antonio Bonuccelli

“If you love somebody, set them free”. This is what it feels like working at Elastic, to be loved, to be free.

05 October 2016 Engineering

Bootstrap checks: Annoying you now instead of devastating you later!

By Jason TedorNik Everett

Check out the ten new bootstrap checks that are coming along with Elasticsearch 5.0 and how they will help prevent major heartache for you.

04 October 2016 Engineering

Anatomy of a Watch

By Marcelo Rodriguez

Learn the basics of alerting in Elasticsearch using Watcher

03 October 2016 Engineering

You get a report! You get a report!

By Pius Fung

This blog post talks about how you can use Reporting and Watcher integration on Elastic Cloud to schedule the delivery of PDF reports.

29 September 2016 Engineering

Elasticsearch as a column store

By Adrien Grand

This post explains how Elasticsearch builds a columnar representation of the data thanks to doc values.

28 September 2016 Engineering

Do you grok Grok?

By João Duarte

27 September 2016 Engineering

A New Way To Ingest - Part 1

By Christoph Wurm

Ingest Nodes are a new feature in Elasticsearch 5 that allows you to change data right before it is indexed, e.g. extracting fields from long message strings.

23 September 2016 Engineering

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana Docker imag...

By Dimitrios Liappis

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana 5.0 Docker images.

21 September 2016 News

50% More Storage, Same Price. Elastic Cloud (Hosted Elasticsearch...

By Tyler Hannan

50% More Storage, Same Price. And now available in a new region.