19 June 2018 Engineering

Elastic APM Go Agent Beta Released

By Andrew Wilkins

We are pleased to announce the Elastic APM Go agent’s first beta release, version 0.4.0.

19 June 2018 Engineering

Docker and Kubernetes Hints-Based Autodiscover with Beats

By Carlos Pérez-Aradros

Beats 6.3 brings new features to do Kubernetes and Docker autodiscovery. You can now define logging & monitoring settings using labels or annotations.

18 June 2018 News

Upgrading Your Hosted Cluster With Our Elasticsearch Service

By Yoav Derazon

Working on old versions of the Elastic Stack on AWS ES? Learn how easy it is to upgrade your clusters using our hosted Elasticsearch Service.

18 June 2018 Engineering

Getting Started with Vega Visualizations in Kibana

By Yuri Astrakhan

Learn to build rich visualizations within Kibana using Vega -- an open source JSON-based, declarative language.

18 June 2018 Engineering

How to Search Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Text with Elasticsear...

By Kiju Kim

This document introduces custom plugins (language analyzers) for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese and suggests an approach to use multi-fields to index and search

13 June 2018 Engineering

Meet the New Logstash Java Execution Engine

By Dan Hermann

The new Java execution engine in Logstash features faster performance, reduced memory usage, and lower config startup and reload times. And you can use it now.

30 May 2018 Engineering

Monitoring an application running in Docker containers and Kubern...

By Dan Roscigno

Containerized apps are dynamic, so is the Elastic Stack. Beats autodiscover and collect logs & metrics from the app, Docker, & Kubernetes and adjust to changes.

30 May 2018 Engineering

Understanding your team’s usage with Elastic Cloud Enterprise

By Anurag Gupta

Elastic Cloud Enterprise allows companies to deliver Elasticsearch as a service to their internal teams. This blog looks at how to understand your team's usage

29 May 2018 Engineering

Seven Tips for Better Elasticsearch Benchmarks

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

We evaluate performance and guide development in Elasticsearch with benchmarks. It is hard to get right but with these seven tips you avoid common problems.