17 February 2017 User Stories

The Elastic Journey @ Mixmax

By Cameron Price-Austin

Mixmax is a platform for all your externally-facing communications. Check out their journey from Mongo to Elastic to Elastic Cloud.

16 February 2017 Engineering

Componentizing the Kibana UI, Part 1: CSS that Scales

By CJ Cenizal

Writing scalable CSS is hard! We've taken a formalized approach toward writing it, to make it simple, readable, and predictable.

15 February 2017 News

Insider's Guide to Elastic{ON} 2017

By Lauren Johnson

259,200 seconds. 60,000 breaths. 350,000 heartbeats, give or take a few thousand. How to make every moment worth it at Elastic{ON} 2017.

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14 February 2017 Engineering

Multi-Token Synonyms and Graph Queries in Elasticsearch

By Michael McCandless

Recent improvements finally make it possible to search for multi-token synonyms in Elasticsearch and Lucene and get the correct hits.

10 February 2017 Culture

Start your programming journey with Django Girls Silicon Valley

By Michelle Carroll

Do you know someone who wants to learn to program? We’re hosting a free Django Girls workshop in the Elastic Mountain View office March 5! Apply by February 19.

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09 February 2017 Engineering

X-Pack Security for Elasticsearch with Let's Encrypt™ Certificate...

By Thom O'Connor

Using the Let's Encrypt certificate authority with the Elastic Stack.

08 February 2017 Engineering

Elasticsearch Internals - Tracking in-sync shard copies

By Yannick Welsch

Deep dive into Elasticsearch's internals, highlighting how the consensus module and the data replication layer interact beautifully to keep your data safe.