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22 May 2017 Engineering

Indices, types, and parent / child: current status and upcoming changes in Elasticsearch

By Shane ConnellyPhilipp Krenn

What are types and what are indices / indexes? In this post we cover the current status and the futures.

22 May 2017 User Stories

Leveraging Elasticsearch at 1WorldSync to increase product sales

By Mike Gaßmann

1WorldSync uses Elasticsearch & the Elastic Stack to provide a much faster search experience for their customers and proactively monitor production issues.

18 May 2017 Engineering

Tracking Down Native Memory Leaks in Elasticsearch

By Henrik Nordvik

We dug deep to figure out this memory leak.

18 May 2017 Culture

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Online Elastic Store

By Luisa Antonio

Getting your Elastic swag just got easier. Check out our new Elastic Store online!

18 May 2017 User Stories

Using Elasticsearch to Manage a Supercomputer’s Hot, Warm, and Co...

By Samantha Dodge

At NESRC, IT operations counts on Elasticsearch to handle its massive time series log and metric database.

17 May 2017 Engineering

Using Machine Learning and Elasticsearch for Security Analytics: ...

By Mike Paquette

A walk through what it means to use machine learning to detect anomalies that are associated with cyber threat behaviors in log data living in Elasticsearch.

16 May 2017 Engineering

Puppet State of the Union: May 2017

By Tyler LangloisToby McLaughlin

Curious about recent developments in Elastic configuration management modules and Puppet? Read on to hear about the latest features, fixes, and coming changes.

09 May 2017

Logstash 6.0.0-alpha1 released

By Suyog Rao

Logstash 6.0.0-alpha1 released!

09 May 2017 User Stories

Computation near the visualization layer

By Davide Bortolami

Fermium LABS have developed Mathlion as an extension to Kibana to enable equation parsing & math in Timelion to monitor the behaviour of industrial machinery.