19 September 2017 Culture

Top 10 Elastic{ON} 2017 Talks

By Lauren Johnson

Watch these top ten talks from Elastic{ON} 2017 and get inspired to get on stage in 2018.

18 September 2017 Engineering

A survey on modules, data sources, and ingestion experience

By Asawari Samant

Modules simplify the data to dashboard experience for common data sources. What modules should we build next? Fill out a short survey to let us know.

18 September 2017 Engineering

How many shards should I have in my Elasticsearch cluster?

By Christian Dahlqvist

If you are looking for practical guidelines around how many indices and shards to have in your cluster, this blog post will help you avoid common pitfalls.

14 September 2017 Engineering

PSD2: Modern Banking API Architectures with the Elastic Stack

By Loek van Gool

At Elastic, we :heart: APIs. PSD2 regulation is forcing banks to share their precious data through APIs, so why not get ahead with Elastic?

14 September 2017 Engineering

Distributed Watch Execution in Elasticsearch 6.0

By Alexander Reelsen

This blog post describes the journey to distributed watch execution in the upcoming Elasticsearch 6.0 release.

13 September 2017 Engineering

Region Maps and Gauges in Kibana

By Thomas NeirynckPeter Pišljar

An introduction to the Region Maps and Gauge Visualizations in Kibana.

13 September 2017 Engineering

Creating a threshold alert in Elasticsearch is simpler than ever.

By Jim UngerChris Roberson

Create a threshold alert in Elasticsearch using a simple and easy Kibana UI.

12 September 2017 News

Introducing the Elastic Stack ArcSight Integration

By Alvin ChenMike Paquette

The new Elastic Stack ArcSight integration makes it easier than ever for ArcSight users to explore their security event logs in the Elastic Stack.

12 September 2017 Engineering

Live Upgrading Elastic Cloud Enterprise

By Nikolaj RichersIurii Tceretian

Welcome to the next step in our story to bring you great new features for Elastic Cloud Enterprise.