04 May 2016 Engineering

"There are two hard problems in .NET, caching expressions and naming things"

By Martijn Laarman

We recently released NEST 2.3.1 containing an important fix for a memory leak NEST users are very likely to hit.

29 April 2016 Engineering

Kibana under the hood: object persistence

By Shaunak Kashyap

This blog post provides a glimpse into what's happening under the hood in Kibana when users save searches, visualizations, and dashboards.

28 April 2016 Engineering

Structured logging with Filebeat

By Tudor Golubenco

How to write structured logs in JSON and how to ship them efficiently to Elasticsearch by using Filebeat.

25 April 2016 Engineering

Effective Elasticsearch Plugin Management with Docker

By Tyler Langlois

Learn best practices when using Elasticsearch plugins within Docker for easier container management.

21 April 2016 Engineering

Elastic Cloud Outage: Root Cause and Impact Analysis

By Alex Brasetvik

On March 31st and April 10th we had outages affecting some 1.7.1 clusters in the us-east-1 region. This post summarises the cause and impact of the events.

19 April 2016 Engineering

Announcing Rally: Our benchmarking tool for Elasticsearch

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

Rally, our benchmarking tool for Elasticsearch is released as open source

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15 April 2016 Engineering

Docker Networking

By Samir Bennacer

Learn about Docker networking and how to use it with an Elasticsearch cluster.

13 April 2016 News

Five-Star Videos and More: Top 10 Elastic{ON}16 Presentations

By Jason Dickson

Support horror stories, cluster sizing, Graph, and what the heck is BM25? Counting down the top 10 videos from Elastic{ON}16.

08 April 2016 Engineering

How to make a Dockerfile for Elasticsearch

By Henrik Nordvik

Learn how to create a Dockerfile for running Elasticsearch, and a few more things that you need to consider.