27 February 2018 News

Doubling Down on Open

By Shay Banon

15 March 2018 News

How Mr. Robot’s Technical Consultant, Ryan Kazanciyan, used Kibana on the Show

By Renuka Gough

Ryan Kazanciyan, technical consultant for Mr. Robot, indulges a theater full of Elastic{ON} attendees in how his team used Kibana.

14 March 2018 Engineering

But First, Coffee... (An Elastic{ON} Canvas Story)

By Jamie Smith

Canvas is a composable, extensible, creative space for live data, which is exactly what we did at Elastic{ON} for coffee consumption. How much did you drink?

14 March 2018 News

Geo Roadmap for Elasticsearch and Kibana: Layers, GeoJSON, Vega

By Tony Sleva

Geo has never been better in Elasticsearch and Kibana. Learn about what’s coming soon, including unlimited layers, custom maps, Vega support, and more.

13 March 2018 Engineering

Plugins Alongside the X-Pack Security Plugin for Elasticsearch

By Albert Zaharovits

Best practices for plugin developers to make sure their code does not undermine the X-Pack security features for Elasticsearch.

08 March 2018 Engineering

Monitoring Azure with the Elastic Stack - Feedback Welcome

By Alvin Chen

The upcoming Logstash Azure Monitoring module will be the easiest way to monitor your Azure infrastructure and services with the Elastic Stack.

08 March 2018 Engineering

A Quick Flight over GDPR: Ten topics from our GDPR & Elasticsearc...

By Mike Paquette

GDPR is coming, but not yet enforced, and there’s no history of audit findings. Elastic users discuss 10 topics in our GDPR BoF Session at Elastic{ON} 2018.

28 February 2018 News

Elastic Certification: The Next Step in Your Elasticsearch Traini...

By Nathan Zamecnik

We are proud to announce Elastic certification. You mastered Elasticsearch, now it’s time to show your expertise.

28 February 2018 News

Swiftype App Search Public Beta Now Available for Developers

By Matt Riley

App Search is a search-as-a-service solution built for developers that simplifies the process of building relevant and reliable search experiences.

27 February 2018 News

Doubling Down on Open

By Shay Banon

We are doubling down on open and moving our closed source X-Pack code into our public GitHub repos.