Articles by Alex Chalkias

Senior Product Manager, Elastic


Elastic Platform 8.14: ES|QL GA, encryption at rest, and vector search optimizations

Elastic Platform 8.14 includes ES|QL GA, the use of AI for pattern recognition in logs, API key based security model for remote clusters, encryption at rest with KMS keys, retrievers, several vector optimizations, and vector quantization by default.


Encryption at rest in Elastic Cloud: A strategic imperative for enterprise security

Encryption at rest is crucial for data security in cloud-based environments. It protects sensitive data stored within SaaS applications, ensuring confidentiality and compliance. Elastic Cloud helps customer-managed keys for better control and trust.


Leveling up Elastic Cloud security: Introduction to role-based access control

Role-based access control is an enterprise security best practice that gives a structured way to manage access to cloud resources. Learn how to use Elastic Cloud RBAC to grant different privileges on the Cloud console and Elastic Stack deployments.