Articles by Tyler Perkins

Senior Product Manager

Tyler is a product manager on the Elasticsearch team, responsible for Data Management features, Cross-cluster search, and Stack Monitoring. Before Elastic he worked in Product Management at one of our customers, where he helped build an end-to-end observability solution for mission critical financial services around Elastic and Kafka. Tyler enjoys cycling with his wife, snowboarding, music and hi-fi audio, cars, and anything DIY. More recently he got into off-road RC car racing with his sons.


Elasticsearch and Kibana 8.13: Simplified kNN and improved query parallelization

Elasticsearch and Kibana 8.13 deliver simplified kNN, improved query parallelization plus improvements to ES|QL, anomaly detection, and new improved health indicators. Also announcing the Elastic Integration Filter and GA of Kafka for Elastic Agent.


Elastic Stack 8.12: Enhanced vector search with improvements to ES|QL and more

The 8.12 release includes improved vector data handling with efficient search, query parallelization, enhanced pipeline features, remote search status, new maintenance windows, and ES|QL query editing in Dashboard.


Elastic Stack 8.11: Introducing a new powerful query language, ES|QL

Elastic Stack 8.11 introduces an advanced query language known as ES|QL in the Discover application, making data exploration more straightforward and user friendly. The Elastic Learned Sparse EncodeR (ELSER) is now generally available.


Elastic Stack 8.10: Simpler cross-cluster search and authentication, and more

Simplify configuring cross-cluster search, execute vector search faster, detect data drifts and log rate dips, stream Elastic Agent to Kafka, and authenticate Webhook connector using third-party security certificates with Elastic Stack 8.10.


Elastic Stack 8.9: Faster cross-cluster searches and aggregations on metrics

Elastic Stack 8.9 delivers significant speed-up of aggregations for metrics, faster and more reliable cross-cluster searches, and management of alert rules using Terraform.


How we sped up data ingestion in Elasticsearch 8.6, 8.7, and 8.8

Data ingestion involves a lot of things that usually take a non-negligible amount of time. Fortunately, we've got improvements in 8.6, 8.7, and 8.8, which enabled some good speedups for end-to-end ingestion.