Fast-growing Fortune 1000 companies implement AI-powered, modern search and discovery experiences with Elasticsearch — the most sophisticated, open search platform available. Use Elastic® for database search, enterprise system offloading, ecommerce, customer support, workplace content, websites, or any application to help everyone find what they need faster.

Learn about the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE) for creating AI search applications that integrate with LLMs and generative AI.

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Check out an introduction to modern natural language processing (NLP) and native vector search in Elasticsearch. Start with pre-built models or scale your own.

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Get practical advice for creating better digital experiences for your customers via search-powered solutions.

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Search-powered applications

Meet enterprise infrastructure needs with standalone or embeddable search, regardless of data type, to power critical user experiences. Search provides visibility and real-time reporting for analysis across massive datasets whether your team relies on geo data, operational intelligence, or complex queries and rankings for business-critical operations.

  • Ecommerce

    Help customers use the power of search to find and buy without friction so they keep coming back.

  • Customer support

    Build superior search for your knowledge  base that boosts customer self-serve success and drives down costs.

  • Strengthen knowledge management and info discovery with unified search across collaboration and productivity tools.

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    Add rich search functionality to your website to improve findability and user engagement and conversion.


The most extensive search toolkit for developers

Get the full power of Elasticsearch and accelerate building search applications with plentiful out-of-the-box tools and multiple language clients, all backed by a robust and fully consumable set of APIs.

  • Analytics & insights

    Elastic's built-in search analytics and visualization builder, Kibana, lets you access all of your search data in shareable dashboards that help your team monitor performance, pinpoint issues, track patterns, identify trends, and optimize the search experience.

  • Machine learning

    Use the latest advancements in machine learning and generative AI with a powerful set of search tools such as a vector database, semantic search, text classification, data annotation, PyTorch, and Hugging Face to train models for your datasets. Have existing NLP transformer models? Integrate them directly into Elasticsearch to get started quickly.

  • Data ingestion

    Use native connectors for databases and connector clients for popular SaaS applications, a web crawler, JSON file uploads, or our extensible APIs to ingest all your other data, regardless of its structure or location. Plus, use out-of-the-box features with data that's already stored in Elasticsearch.

  • Relevance & personalization

    Use the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine to apply industry leading advanced relevance ranking features and build AI search apps. Optimize contextual relevance and personalization in real time with precision tuning, weights, boosts, and automated search result promotions powered by machine learning.

  • Deployment flexibility

    With more than 50 regions (and counting) on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, your data can be right where you need it. Choose to run on-prem, multi-cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment that suits your needs, all without compromising on functionality or performance.

  • Search UI

    Quickly build custom or embedded search experiences using prebuilt, open code components. Put a ready-to-use search bar, auto-suggest, filters, faceting, and natural language search to work to give users the modern ease of use they've come to expect.

Generative AI

Gen AI for your data

Integrate Elastic with generative AI to create innovative customer and employee experiences. Use your proprietary data to provide precise question answering and recommendations, while scaling large data volumes, maintaining document-level security, and keeping costs low.


Proven customer results…

A 5% revenue improvement by year 3 and a 25% total cost of ownership reduction are just a few benefits our customers realized in a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting. Learn how your organization can improve its profitability and productivity with Elastic.



Get the Elastic advantage

Whether you're developing a custom experience or using prebuilt plugins to deliver search relevancy and performance, Elastic's flexibility, speed, and scale are at your fingertips.

  • Fully configurable

    Elastic gives you the ultimate tools for building search experiences with maximum customizability. It’s the most sophisticated, open search platform available.

  • Scalable

    Whether you're just getting started with search as a proof of concept or need to search over millions of unique data points, Elastic scales with you, growing to meet your needs.

  • Transparent pricing

    Elastic's transparent, resource-based pricing scales predictably to meet your needs. Simply pay for the underlying server resources you use. It's that simple.