Build innovative AI search experiences

The industry's most-used vector database, plus out-of-the-box semantic search, advanced relevance and data retrieval, and flexible deployment options — including serverless. All on the Elastic Search AI Platform.

  • Workplace search

    Tailor employee search to your teams' needs

    Build one source of truth with federated search. Use the API, native, or connector clients for indexing data sources and content — at infinite scale.

  • Ecommerce search

    Turn browsers into buyers

    Search powers the buyer experience. Optimize product search and discovery with unparalleled relevance, personalized suggestions, and analytics.

  • Centralize sources and search across vast data sets

  • Implement powerful machine learning for unrivaled relevance at scale

  • Use one platform for your logs, data, and content

  • Start serverless and pay for what you use

  • Data ingestion

    Index for success

    Take full control of your ingest pipeline. Flexible ingestion tools, native connectors, data autoscaling, and fast performance for embedding models let you index and manage data your way.

  • Search analytics

    Turn your data into business insights with behavioral analytics, shareable dashboards, and visualization tools for advanced analysis.

  • Search UI

    Your shortcut for creating search interfaces

    Design custom and embedded search with a few lines of code. Add popular, out-of-the-box search features to frontend apps and minimize user friction.

See Elastic Search in action

Elastic transforms enterprise search for the world’s most innovative companies.

  • Customer spotlight

    Cisco resolves customer issues faster with search AI experiences

  • Customer spotlight

    Labelbox enables its customers to capitalize on the possibilities of AI

  • Customer spotlight

    CogStack unlocks and harnesses valuable healthcare data

Frequently asked questions

Are Elastic Search and Elasticsearch different?

Elastic Search is Elastic’s search solution, built on Elasticsearch. Elastic Search includes advanced capabilities that save development and search management time including machine learning, audit logging, role and attribute based security controls, searchable snapshots, cross-cluster replication, and cross-cluster search as well as flexible deployment options, including serverless.

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