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2024 technical trends: How search and generative AI technologies are evolving

Hosted by:

Jeff Boudier
Jeff Boudier

Head of Product & Growth

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Fahd Siddiqui
Fahd Siddiqui

Director of Engineering


Raj Arasu
Raj Arasu

Senior Software Engineer


Serena Chou
Serena Chou

Director of Product Management



Last year, the transformative power of generative AI became tangible for most people, with the wide adoption of ChatGPT. Looking at 2024 and beyond, we will analyze the search technology landscape, shedding light on the latest innovations, new tools, and emerging methodologies. We will assess the impact of these trends for technical audiences, including developers, solutions architects, and product managers

Our panel of expert speakers will discuss the integration of technologies such as natural language processing, vector databases, and large language models, paving the way for more efficient, intuitive, relevant, and responsive search applications. We will also look at practical concerns in putting apps into production — including access controls, privacy, and safety of data and users.

In 2024, discover how search advancements will up-level the user experience and empower developers to create more intelligent and adaptive search solutions.


  • Learn the top trends influencing developers in 2024 and the challenges developers are likely to face when integrating AI
  • See what emerging methodologies and best practices developers should optimize for AI-powered search apps
  • Get a head start on the skills and resources developers need to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on these trends

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