Search Analytics

The key to data-driven search

Search users leave behind a treasure trove of actionable data — offering rich search analysis opportunities. Elastic captures critical metrics and offers abundant tools for visualizing data. Store data affordably and improve and personalize search experiences, capitalize on trends, and address gaps in products, services, or content.

Improve relevance with data-driven search query optimization.
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Analyze online search relevance metrics with Elastic.
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Dig into internal workplace search usage in a Kibana dashboard.
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Dive into click and query data (without going off the deep end)

Out-of-the-box data collection, metrics, and visualizations on users' click and search keywords give you all you need to glean insights from user behavior. In just a few clicks, you can make relevance and tuning adjustments or promote/demote results based on your findings — right from the management interface.

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Use analytics to improve search relevance

Review query and click analytics captured automatically in an easy-to-understand dashboard to understand how to tune search quality and give end-users exactly what they're looking for.

  • Apply curations and synonyms

    Promote top queries with clicks using curations and create synonyms for top queries with no results so end-users find relevant results.

  • Adjust relevance tuning

    Change precision tuning to broaden recall for top queries with no results. Add field boosts and weights to improve result relevance based on top queries with no clicks.

  • Expand content and product offerings

    Address content gaps in your knowledge base or enhance your product catalog based on your top queries and queries with no results.


Next-level analytics in Kibana

Kibana lets you manage and monitor your search deployments and create visualizations on one platform. Create shareable search dashboards for drill-down, advanced analysis and reporting, so you can delve deeper into search data to make correlations and discover and explain trends. Embed dashboards, share links, or export PNG, PDF, or CSV files and send as an attachment.


Enhance with Elasticsearch data

Amplify your analysis by pulling in any data stored in Elasticsearch. For example, analyze website visitor navigation behavior, regional sales revenue, and search analytics in one view to paint an integrated picture of web performance, search, and sales. Use cross-cluster search to pull data and present it in a unified dashboard from anywhere in the world.


Map what's happening

Explore more than the why, when, and how of search data by digging into the where. With access to geolocated data, you can enrich user data to break down, pinpoint, and visualize sales hotspots, origins of user traffic, and more.


Connect to your analytics tools

Use analytics endpoints to make requests against queries, clicks, counts, and logs using the analytics APIs to use with your proprietary analytics platform — Tableau, Power BI, Excel, SQL Workbench, or others.


Keep costs low and store all the data

Collect more analytics and search log data to paint a picture of your end users’ behavior and digital experience. Data tiers and searchable snapshots make it economical to keep data searchable in Elastic for essential analyses and investigations.

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