Articles by Gilad Gal


Runtime fields: Schema on read for Elastic

In 7.11, we’re excited to announce schema on read in the Elastic Stack. We now offer the best of both worlds on a single platform. Schema on read for flexibility and schema on write for performance. We call our implementation runtime fields.


Getting started with runtime fields, Elastic’s implementation of schema on read

Introducing runtime fields, Elastic's implementation of schema on read. Now you can use either schema on write for performance or schema on read for flexibility. In this blog, we discuss how to get started with runtime fields.


Elasticsearch 7.2.0 released

Elasticsearch 7.2.0 is here! Learn about our new proximity ranking (geo and time), enhancements to SQL, and support for OpenID Connect.


Distance Feature Query: Time and Geo in Elasticsearch Result Ranking

Coming soon to Elasticsearch, you'll be able to implement the Distance Feature Query to use proximity (geographical and time) as part of your ranking score.