Articles by Dana Juratoni


Evolution of Workplace Search: Search your private data with Elasticsearch

Workplace Search functionality will merge with Elastic Search in the future. Here’s what you need to know.


Elastic Search 8.10: Powerful personalized search powered by a comprehensive connector catalog

Elastic Search 8.10 makes personalization more powerful with query rules and programmatic updates to synonyms for any search experience, including ML-powered ones. We expanded our connector catalog with integrations to cover a wider range of systems.


Elastic Search 8.9: Hybrid search with RRF, faster vector search, and public-facing search endpoints

Elastic Search 8.9 brings improvements to vector search and ingestion and presents hybrid search with RRF to combine vector, keyword, and semantic techniques. Public-facing search endpoints for indices are now available with search applications beta.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6: Reduce time to relevant search results — for file systems, MongoDB, and Amazon S3

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6 brings new connectors and tools to reduce the time to relevant search results for content on file systems, network drives, MongoDB, and Amazon S3.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5: Machine learning for intuitive search experiences

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5 brings powerful machine learning and ingestion-time workflows to any dataset.