Articles by Casey Zumwalt

Senior Product Manager, Elastic

Casey Zumwalt is a principal product manager on the Search Solutions team at Elastic, where he spends time on user experience, user interface design, and front-end engineering.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.7: New connectors, extraction rules for web crawler, and search analytics client beta

Enterprise Search 8.7 improves content ingestion. The MySQL connector adds advanced filtering capabilities, Web Crawler adds custom content extraction, and the connector library adds Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL, and cloud blob storage on GCP and Azure.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6: Reduce time to relevant search results — for file systems, MongoDB, and Amazon S3

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6 brings new connectors and tools to reduce the time to relevant search results for content on file systems, network drives, MongoDB, and Amazon S3.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5: Machine learning for intuitive search experiences

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5 brings powerful machine learning and ingestion-time workflows to any dataset.