Articles by Kellen Evan

Elastic App Search beta5 has arrived! Take it for a free test drive.

Elastic App Search has been upgraded to beta4. Come try it out for free while the beta is still open!

Learn how you can replace the default Wordpress search experience with Elastic Site Search. It's a giant leap in just a few clicks.

Elastic App Search has been upgraded to beta3. Come see what we've cooked up!

Build your very own Searchbot using Slack, Zapier, and Elastic App Search. No coding required!

Search analytics provide deep, actionable insights into the activities of the searcher. Learn how to use these insights to automate application functions.

Elastic App Search now has a slick Query Suggestions API. Its function is known by many names, but whatever you call it, it helps make great search experiences...

Bring your whole team to Elastic App Search. Now premium plans can choose from 6 pre-defined roles and scope Engine access across different projects.

Elastic App Search has been upgraded to beta2. Checkout what's new!