Articles by Jason Stoltzfus

Software Engineer, Elastic

Jason is a Software Engineer at Elastic. He is the primary maintainer of the Search UI project and contributes to many of the API clients and libraries for Elastic's Search Solutions.


How to create a document schema for product variants and SKUs for your ecommerce search experience

Explore how to set up and manage product variants and SKUs when modeling data for your ecommerce search experiences.


Search UI 1.10 makes building search experiences for Elasticsearch even easier

In the latest version of Search UI, version 1.10, we introduced a slew of new functionality, including being extended Elasticsearch features as well as Typescript support. Follow along with code samples to get started today.


Search UI 1.2.0 released

Search UI 1.2.0 is here with search on load, batch actions, and boolean facets. Learn all about these new features.


How to Build Great React Search Experiences Quickly

Search UI is an open source search library for building React search experiences. App Search is a refined search API with elegant dashboard tools. Together?...


Building a Searchbot using Slack, Zapier, and Elastic App Search

Build your very own Searchbot using Slack, Zapier, and Elastic App Search. No coding required!


Kickstart Search with the Elastic App Search Reference UI

Meet the App Search Reference UI. Gain inspiration, see your relevance tuning in action, or use it as the foundation for your next excellent search experience.


How to Build Application Search with React and Elastic App Search

Fast and relevant search is important. But the experience should feel great, too! Elastic App Search and React can help you build engaging search experiences.