Articles by Oleksiy Kovyrin

Tech Lead, Elastic


Elastic Stack 6.8.19 released

Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included in this release.


Building a scalable, easy-to-use web crawler for Elastic Enterprise Search

Indexing the web is hard. As we build the new web crawler for Elastic Enterprise Search, see how we contend with the challenge of a nearly infinite supply of misbehaving sites, misapplied (or ignored) standards, duplicate content, and corner cases.


How to upgrade Elastic App Search

Elastic App Search keeps churning out great new features, updates, and improvements. Time to upgrade? We'll show you how.


Kickstart Search with the Elastic App Search Reference UI

Meet the App Search Reference UI. Gain inspiration, see your relevance tuning in action, or use it as the foundation for your next excellent search experience.