Articles By Brian Stevenson

31 January 2019 Engineering

Elastic App Search: Query Suggestion API Now Available

By Ioana TagirtaOrhan Toy

Elastic App Search now has a slick Query Suggestions API. Its function is known by many names, but whatever you call it, it helps make great search experiences.

29 January 2019 Engineering

Elastic App Search: Announcing Role Based Access Control

By Brian StevensonKellen Evan

Bring your whole team to Elastic App Search. Now premium plans can choose from 6 pre-defined roles and scope Engine access across different projects.

19 November 2018 Engineering

Kickstart Search with the Elastic App Search Reference UI

By Jason StoltzfusBrian Earwood

Meet the App Search Reference UI. Gain inspiration, see your relevance tuning in action, or use it as the foundation for your next excellent search experience.

25 October 2018 Engineering

Team Tuning with Multi-User Support in Elastic App Search

By Kellen EvanBrian Stevenson

One account, one intuitive dashboard, your team, a variety of useful tools, and insightful search data. Elastic App Search now supports multi-user accounts.