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Solutions Architect, Search Specialist, Elastic

Solutions Architect, Search Specialist

Peter Kim is a Solutions Architect, Search Specialist at Elastic with over 15 years of experience architecting and developing search applications with Elasticsearch, Endeca, MarkLogic, and core Lucene. He's currently responsible for driving adoption of Elastic Site Search and App Search solutions. On his free time, Peter enjoys bicycling around New York City with his wife and two sons.


Advanced Search Queries in Elastic App Search

App Search has all the querying basics covered like autocomplete, facets, and tune-able relevance. And it has some more advanced techniques, too.


Part 2.0: The true story behind Elasticsearch storage requirements

A fresh test of Elasticsearch 2.0 beta-1, which includes several enhancements, showing a compression ratio of 0.732 (index size on disk/raw log file size).


The true story behind Elasticsearch storage requirements


Kibana 4 & Civic Hacking: Investigating Campaign Contributions