Articles by Serena Chou

Director of Product Management, Elastic

I am a product manager working on the Search team. My project responsibilities include product ownership of our generative AI story here for the Search solution team. Elasticsearch has been a leading search engine in the space for a long time, and many folks think of us in particular as the technology of choice for lexical (keyword search) However over the years we have been investing in capabilities like vector search which is a critical capability for developers who are looking to layer in generative AI into their application. 

Elastic Search 8.12: Making Lucene fast and developers faster

Elasticsearch and Kibana 8.12 deliver the fastest release of Apache Lucene ever, with key innovations built to serve customer use cases. Search developers can utilize and manage ML embeddings with multi-vendor configurations with just one API call.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.8: Easy AI-powered search for your enterprise

In Elastic Enterprise Search 8.8, semantic search is the default. Evolving AI search experiences, powered by our new machine learning model, are now packaged with our catalog of integrations developed to sync data from database and storage sources.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6: Reduce time to relevant search results — for file systems, MongoDB, and Amazon S3

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6 brings new connectors and tools to reduce the time to relevant search results for content on file systems, network drives, MongoDB, and Amazon S3.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5: Machine learning for intuitive search experiences

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5 brings powerful machine learning and ingestion-time workflows to any dataset.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.4: Supercharged relevance for Elasticsearch

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.4 delivers enhanced vector-based querying for searching and analyzing datasets large and small, with little to no implementation overhead.