Articles by Nick Chow

Prinicipal Product Manager, Elastic

Nick Chow is a product person working on Search at Elastic. Before Elastic, he worked with various products that solved problems using data science. Although originally from Toronto, Nick is now based out of Vancouver, BC, where he freedives, backcountry skis, plays beach volleyball, and D&D.


Elastic Search 8.9: Hybrid search with RRF, faster vector search, and public-facing search endpoints

Elastic Search 8.9 brings improvements to vector search and ingestion and presents hybrid search with RRF to combine vector, keyword, and semantic techniques. Public-facing search endpoints for indices are now available with search applications beta.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.4: Supercharged relevance for Elasticsearch

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.4 delivers enhanced vector-based querying for searching and analyzing datasets large and small, with little to no implementation overhead.


Accelerate search experiences with Elastic App Search and Google Cloud Firestore

Developers can now easily build amazing search experiences straight into their applications with the Elastic App Search extension for Google Cloud Firestore.


Setting up SAML for Elastic Enterprise Search: Okta edition

See how to secure your Elastic Enterprise Search deployment by using a SAML identity provider (IdP) — in this case, we’ll be using Okta — for cross-domain, single sign-on (SSO) authentication.


Personalizing Elastic App Search with results based on search history

Use the Elastic App Search APIs to build a search history-based feature for your users, such as a "These documents might also interest you" functionality.


Migrating from Swiftype App Search to Elastic Cloud

Learn about all the advantages of migrating from Swiftype App Search to App Search on Elastic Cloud, such as reduced latency and increased scalability and flexibility.


Elastic Enterprise Search updates for 7.6.0

Elastic Enterprise Search now includes App Search on Elastic Cloud, scalability with meta engines, and SAML/SSO support for Workplace Search.


Elastic App Search 7.5.0 released

Learn about new Result Settings, performance improvements, Metricbeat monitoring, and more.