Articles by David James

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Elastic


What’s new in Elastic Enterprise Search 7.12: Search more, spend less

7.12 features data structure optimization, allowing for reduced deployment sizes and faster indexing. Plus continued innovation for the new Elastic web crawler and autoscaling.


Introducing the Elastic App Search web crawler

Announcing the beta launch of the Elastic App Search web crawler, a simple yet powerful way to ingest publicly available web content so it becomes instantly searchable on your website.


What's new in Elastic Enterprise Search 7.10: Slack content source and enhanced document-level security

In 7.10, Slack joins the Elastic Workplace Search content source library, and the SFDC content source now supports sandboxes. Personalization is enhanced as well, with document-level access control for SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365.


Elastic Enterprise Search 7.8 released

Elastic Enterprise Search 7.8 has arrived, with some special love shown to search admins, who gain new tools for document-level access control in Workplace Search, plus improved capabilities for managing data ingest in App Search.


What your Elastic App Search analytics are telling you

Not only can you gain valuable insights into your users' search behavior with analytics, but you can easily fine-tune the search experience based on what you've learned.


Searching Salesforce: Boosting your teams' productivity with Elastic Workplace Search

Improve productivity on your sales, marketing, and customer service teams by delivering content across multiple content sources — including Salesforce — with a friendly, consumer-like search experience.


Elastic App Search updates: Scale your way with new configuration options

In this latest release of Elastic App Search configurable default options for commonly used settings give users even more control, flexibility, and scalability over their deployments.


Creating modern customer service experiences with Elastic Enterprise Search

Effortless customer service experiences begin with fast, relevant, scalable search driven by Elastic Enterprise Search. Find out how to empower users and keep helpful info at the fingertips of agents.


Searching Zendesk: Elastic Workplace Search for customer service organizations

Zendesk is now available as a pre-built content source, so any team member can effortlessly search support tickets and resolutions to find the info they need to solve cases faster.