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Elastic App Search updates: Scale your way with new configuration options

We’re excited to announce that App Search and Workplace Search are now part of the single Enterprise Search 7.7 solution — one combined solution with two scalable products so you can search everything, anywhere.

Experience the latest version of Elastic Enterprise Search on the Elastic Cloud (free 14-day trials available) or install the latest version for a self-managed experience.

And now to the latest updates around the App Search product contained in the Enterprise Search 7.7 release.

More flexibility for your App Search deployments

In the previous release, we introduced meta engines in App Search, which provided more control over how you create and customize individual sub-engines as usage grows across your organization. Carrying on with the “more control with scale” theme in 7.7, we’ve added configurable default options for commonly used settings, giving users even more control, flexibility, and scalability over their deployments.

Choose User setting overrides

Scale without sacrifice

In traditional hosted search experiences, as companies heavily customize deployments, performance can often suffer as more computational power is required. Because of this “noisy neighbor” predicament, one company’s performance gains have to come at the expense of another’s, so limitations are typically put in place to prevent this degraded search experience.

So what does a scalable search experience look like that adds more flexibility and control?

Configuring default options in yaml file

In 7.7, App Search customers can now control the following limits based on their unique search needs:

  • Document size
  • Schema field count
  • Query length
  • Facets returned by queries
  • Analytics tags
  • Synonym sets
  • Curation count
  • Engines per meta engine

Why? Because Elastic App Search is available in the Elastic Cloud — a powerful single-tenant host that gives you the ability to scale deployments and settings without worrying how it’ll harm others’ performance. And, more importantly, your performance isn’t impacted by others’ resource use.

And App Search is also downloadable as a self-managed package so you can control how it’s deployed.

Getting started

Try the latest version of Elastic Enterprise Search with a free 14-day trial on the Elastic Cloud or install the latest version for a self-managed experience.

With Elastic’s straightforward pricing model, you only pay for the resources you consume, without worrying about artificial constraints around the number of users, documents, engines, queries, or operations made. It’s a whole new approach to pricing search that’s transparent and fair to our customers.

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