30 July 2018 Releases

Elastic APM Node.js Agent 1.10.0 Released

By Thomas Watson

Elasticsearch Elastic APM Node.js Agent 1.10.0 released with support for Cassandra and Microsoft SQL Server

10 July 2018 Releases

Rally 1.0.0 Released: Benchmark Elasticsearch Like We Do

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

We're excited to announce the 1.0.0 release Rally, the tool we use to benchmark Elasticsearch.

09 July 2018 Releases

Elastic APM Java Agent Beta Released

By Felix Barnsteiner

We are happy to beta release the Java agent for Elastic APM. Kick the tires, let us know what you think.

29 June 2018 Releases

Elastic APM Ruby Agent 1.0 is Generally Available

By Mikkel Malmberg

The Ruby version of the Elastic APM Agent is now generally available as 1.0!

19 June 2018 Releases

Elastic APM Go Agent Beta Released

By Andrew Wilkins

We are pleased to announce the Elastic APM Go agent’s first beta release, version 0.4.0.

13 June 2018 Releases

Elastic Stack 6.3.0 Released

By Tyler Hannan

We're proud to release version 6.3 of the Elastic Stack. Check out the new features and fixes that come with it.

13 June 2018 Releases

Elasticsearch 6.3.0 Released

By Shane ConnellyJason Tedor

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Elasticsearch 6.3.0, based on Lucene 7.3.0.

13 June 2018 Releases

Beats 6.3.0 Released

By Tudor Golubenco

We're pleased to release Beats 6.3.0 featuring configuration via Kubernetes and Docker annotations, Filebeat Syslog input, and a beta for spooling to disk.

13 June 2018 Releases

Logstash 6.3.0 Released

By Andrew Cholakian

We're excited to share the newest Logstash released with you. Meet version 6.3.