Elastic Stack 7.12.1 released

Elastic 7.12 enables customers to choose between unmatched flexibility and speed with schema on read, unlock new value by making object stores fully searchable with the new frozen tier, and automatically scale deployments on Elastic Cloud...

Elastic Cloud is excited to announce the general availability of autoscaling as well as enhancements that help you manage your subscription, simplify data management, additional regions, and more...

In 7.12, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability runtime fields, Elastic's implementation of schema on read. Plus, the frozen tier, now in technical preview, allows you to search directly on object storage like S3...


What’s new in Kibana 7.12: Manage long-running searches in the background

Elastic Security 7.12 arms practitioners with analyst-driven correlation, behavioral ransomware prevention, and more.

Elastic Observability 7.12 introduces APM correlations to spot root causes, ARM support in Beats, and native OpenTelemetry support for logs and metrics.

7.12 features data structure optimization, allowing for reduced deployment sizes and faster indexing. Plus continued innovation for the new Elastic web crawler and autoscaling...


Elastic Stack 6.8.15 released

Logstash 7.12.0 has arrived with updates to our ECS journey, ARM support, and JDK 15 support.

Elastic Stack 7.11.2 has been released. Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included.

Elastic Stack 7.11.1 has been released. Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included.