Articles by Tom Grabowski

Principal Product Manager, Elastic


Elastic Observability 8.14: New feature for SLO, AI Assistant, and .NET for Universal Profiling

Elastic Observability 8.14 announces new key capabilities for SLO management, alerting, and contextual insights to boost SREs’ problem-solving needs, plus support for .NET language in Universal Profiling.


Elastic Observability 8.13: GA of AI Assistant support for AWS Bedrock and enhancements for AI Assistant and SLO

Elastic Observability announces connectivity to AWS Bedrock for AI Assistant. Other enhancements include contextual awareness of the entry point into the AI Assistant and tech preview of editing and visualizing ES|QL queries from the AI Assistant.


Elastic Observability 8.12: GA for AI Assistant, SLO, and Mobile APM support

Elastic Observability announces the general availability for SLO and Mobile APM and introduces a knowledge base for the AI Assistant.


Enhancing SRE troubleshooting with the AI Assistant for Observability and your organization's runbooks

Empower your SRE team with this guide to enriching Elastic's AI Assistant Knowledge Base with your organization's internal observability information for enhanced alert remediation and incident management.


Elastic Observability 8.11: ES|QL, Universal Profiling in APM, and enhanced SLOs

Elastic Observability introduces ES|QL for Observability, Universal Profiling and Elastic APM integration, and new SLO enhancements for Elastic Observability.


Elastic Observability 8.10: Elastic AI Assistant enhancements and GA of Universal Profiling

Elastic Observability 8.10 introduces the general availability release of Elastic Universal Profiling™ and enhancements to the Elastic AI Assistant for Observability.


Elastic Observability 8.9: Introducing AI Assistant and up to 70% cost savings on metrics storage!

Elastic Observability 8.9 introduces new AI Assistants for APM, logs, hosts, alerts, and profiling. In addition, new Time Series Data Stream (TSDS)-ready Elastic Agent integrations unlock storage efficiencies optimizing storage cost by up to 70%.


Elastic Observability 8.8: Efficient operations with GitOps-based synthetics monitoring and direct AWS Firehose ingest

Elastic Observability 8.8 delivers the general availability release of synthetic monitoring, the ability to ingest data directly to Elastic Cloud from Amazon Kinesis Firehose, and new capabilities for managing service level objectives.


Using AIOps for automation and efficiency in observability and IT operations

Common use cases and scenarios for a successful AIOps deployment within observability. From monitoring to anomaly detection and root cause analysis, understand how you can improve your AIOps deployment and see success.