Articles by Israel Ogbole


Elastic Observability 8.11: ES|QL, Universal profiling in APM, and enhanced SLOs

Elastic Observability introduces ES|QL for Observability, Universal Profiling and Elastic APM integration, and new SLO enhancements for Elastic Observability.


Unlocking whole-system visibility with Elastic Universal Profiling™

Visual profiling data can be overwhelming. This blog post aims to demystify continuous profiling and guide you through its unique visualizations. We will equip you with the knowledge to derive quick, actionable insights from Universal Profiling™.


Elastic Observability 8.10: Elastic AI Assistant enhancements and GA of Universal Profiling

Elastic Observability 8.10 introduces the general availability release of Elastic Universal Profiling™ and enhancements to the Elastic AI Assistant for Observability.


Elastic Universal Profiling™, a continuous profiling solution, is now GA

Elastic is thrilled to announce the general availability of Elastic Universal Profiling™, an observability solution that embodies our commitment to sustainable software development and operations.


Why metrics, logs, and traces aren’t enough

The increasing complexity of cloud-native environments has led to a growing need for unified observability solutions. And metrics, logs, and traces are not enough. Learn why continuous profiling signals are a must-have in your observability toolbox.


How Universal Profiling unwinds stacks without frame pointers and symbols

Learn how Universal Profiling and Elastic Observability enables you to unwind stacks without symbols or frame pointers for frictionless, low overhead system profiling.