Articles by Sean Heelan


Open-sourcing sysgrok — An AI assistant for analyzing, understanding, and optimizing systems

Sysgrok is an experimental proof-of-concept, intended to demonstrate how LLMs can be used to help SWEs and SREs understand systems, debug issues, and optimize performance.


Why metrics, logs, and traces aren’t enough

The increasing complexity of cloud-native environments has led to a growing need for unified observability solutions. And metrics, logs, and traces are not enough. Learn why continuous profiling signals are a must-have in your observability toolbox.


How Universal Profiling unwinds stacks without frame pointers and symbols

Learn how Universal Profiling and Elastic Observability enables you to unwind stacks without symbols or frame pointers for frictionless, low overhead system profiling.


Elastic Universal Profiling™ helps you deliver fast, affordable, and efficient services

Elastic Universal Profiling™ allows you to see what your code is doing at all times, in all languages, in both user-space and kernel-space code. It lets you profile everywhere, all the time and filter powerfully with total observability.