Articles by Felix Barnsteiner


Embracing invokedynamic to tame class loaders in Java agents

Byte Buddy makes it easy to write Java agents without bytecode know-how. But class loaders and other complexities can still ruin your day. Here's a novel invokedynamic-based architecture that simplifies agent development.


From distributed tracing to distributed profiling with Elastic APM

The Elastic APM Java agent now automatically creates spans for slow methods within a request. Thanks to async-profiler, it doesn't impact the response time.


Performance Tuning of the Elastic APM Java Agent

Learn about some of the different Elastic APM Java agent configuration options that can be used to improve latency, CPU, RAM, and/or network performance.


Elastic APM Java Agent is Generally Available

The Elastic APM Java agent is now generally available. Learn how to instrument this agent to monitor the performance of your Java applications.


Elastic APM Java Agent Beta Released

We are happy to beta release the Java agent for Elastic APM. Kick the tires, let us know what you think.


Elasticsearch as a Time Series Data Store

Ever wondered how Elasticsearch handles time series metrics? Felix Barnsteiner from stagemonitor - an open source solution to application performance monitoring