Articles by Nicolas Ruflin

Principal Software Engineer II, Elastic

Nicolas Ruflin is a software engineer on the Observability team. He is passionate about automating everything through software and embraces the constancy of change in the field. When not pondering engineering problems, he enjoys doing all kinds of sports, particularly handball.


Elastic Stack 7.17.17 released

Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included in this release.


Simplifying log data management: Harness the power of flexible routing with Elastic

The reroute processor, available as of Elasticsearch 8.8, allows customizable rules for routing documents, such as logs, into data streams for better control of processing, retention, and permissions with examples that you can try on your own.


How to use Elasticsearch and Time Series Data Streams for observability metrics

With Time Series Data Streams (TSDS), Elasticsearch introduces optimized storage for metrics time series. Check out how we use it for Elastic Observability.


An introduction to the Elastic data stream naming scheme

In this blog post, we'll give an overview of the Elastic data stream naming scheme and how it works.


Why Observability loves the Elastic Common Schema

Correlating log, metric, and APM data is a lot easier when they all share a common schema.


Code Coverage for your Golang System Tests

The Golang toolchain allows the generation of coverage reports for system tests. The following is a guide on how to generate these reports.